15 April 2014

1 month old today!

Honeypot Blogs has reached 1 month old today!!! 🎉

In the past I started two other blogs but struggled to make it past post 3 but this one I'm actually happy with. I can't wait to see how it grows over the next month and see how the content develops. 

I have about 90 followers on my Bloglovin account. Which just amazes me with every new follower! 

Thank you to absolutely everyone who has ever looked at my blog and thought "yeah I'll follow her" that makes my day! 

You all deserve a cocktail on me....

Have a fabulous week and speak soon!!xxx 


  1. My blog is also nearly a month old, crazy how fast time goes! I hope you dont mind but I have nominated you for the Liebster award, see more details on my blog;
    Sheridan xxx

    1. Hey Sheridan, thanks my love! I shall absolutely do this over the weekend!xx