18 April 2014

Lovely Liebster Award

During the week I was nominated by the lovely SoSheridan for the Liebster Award, being new to this blogging world I had no idea what it was so...

The Liebster Award is where other bloggers support to new bloggers or support bloggers with below 200 followers by nominating them. 

You have to answer 11 questions that the person who nominated you asks then follow it with some facts about yourself. Then you have to nominate some bloggers with 11 questions to answer.


1. What makes you happiest?

I'm happiest when everyone else around me is smiling and happy, I also love it when the sun is shining.

2. What is your favorite beauty brand? 
Not very high end, but personally I love L'Oreal for my make up and Simple for my face wash.

3. What can you not live without? 

I cannot live without my friends, they are a huge influence and support. I'd also struggle to live without my phone, I mean that's a biggie!

4. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I've always loved writing and actually studied Journalism at uni however I fell out of love with it and now seemed like a good time to start writing again. Plus I really needed a new hobby.

5. Whats your job/ what are you studying?

I currently work for a Marketing company in London, which I absolutely love!

6. Whats your favorite clothing shop? 

Now, this is a tricky one I shop at all the highstreet stores I can't say there is one shop that I go to all the time, I like variety!

7. Do you have any pets?

I have two kitties and a chocolate Labrador.

9. Whats your favorite food? 

I've got an incredibly sweet tooth so anything that chocolaty or ice cream or sweets

10. What do you do in your spare time?

To be fair because I work fairly long hours you'll always find me with my friends or family in my spare time. Whether it be just going out for dinner or having drinks.

11. Whats your favorite colour?

I love coral shades and blues. But to wear, it's gotta be black. 

A couple of random facts about me...

  • I have to sleep with the curtains open, it's a weird compulsion where I literally cannot sleep with them closed. No idea why.
  • I'm such a big theatre geek, I love the glitz and glam of a stage performance. 
  • I worked 7 years in retail.
  • I always up as soon as the sun comes up, I'm very much a morning person
  • I love all kinds of music, however deep down I will always be a metal head at heart.
  • I have my nose pierced.
  • I've got a thing about watches. 
  • I've been single for far too long. 
Now I'm supposed to nominate some other bloggers however most of the ones I follow have bloody loads of followers, much more than I. So instead I'm just going to list a couple of blogs I think you should check out anyway. 

Just me, Leah - Gorgeous, girly and so lovely

WishWishWish - Beautiful fashion posts and the pics are to die for

Miss Makeup Magpie - Wonderful posts about beauty products, she writes amazing reviews that actually make me go out and buy the products!

Blonde Canvas - Stylish fashion blogger who always works whatever she is wearing.

There we go!

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