26 April 2014

Fake tanning with Cocoa Brown…

I literally am in love with Cocoa Brown fake tan. Honestly, I’m seriously impressed.

We all love a healthy glow and ideally we’d all want it to be a natural beach tan but let’s face it, it never lasts and most are super concerned about skin damage from the sun. I’m a lover of fake tan but recently I’ve got bored with my St Tropez Gradual Tan moisturiser and just gave up on a my fake tan routine altogether. Recently I’ve actually read quite a lot about Cocoa Brown fake tan and seen a lot of before and after images on Instagram so I definitely wanted to try it. I stumbled across it in Superdrug (Here) it’s only £7.99 so snapped it up straight away.

I was SO excited to try this product but knew I didn’t have time to have a shower to exfoliate, put the product on and then wait a few hours and wash it off. So I thought I would quickly try it on my belly, let’s face it no one is going to see it so it didn’t matter if it was a little patchy.

The product advises that if you want a light glow only leave it on for an hour, a little darker then leave it for 2 hours and then dark leave for 3 hours.

The application

I’m new to using foam/mousse fake tans at first it got a bit crazy I sprayed a little too much on my mitt but once I started rubbing it in, it evened out fine. I was utterly amazed how wonderful it smelled, didn’t smell like all the other fake tans it had a floral scent that was actually floral. The scent reminded me of dry shampoo a little bit. Another great thing about this product was that dried so quickly I was able to wear a top over my belly.

I wanted to see how dark it can go so wanted to leave it on for the maximum amount of time. So I decided to leave it on whilst I slept**, bearing in mind I put this on at like 11 at night I wasn’t going to wake myself back up at like 1am just to wash it off.

The results

The next morning I woke up and the colour was great. I didn’t really want to put a full on shot of my belly on here (nobody needs to see that) so I thought I would show a tiny comparison between my arm and my belly just so you can see the contrast.

Quite a difference isn’t it. Please excuse the freckly arm, it hasn't see much sun since last year to be honest.

The colour is great, not as orange as most other fake tans and even when I washed it off still hardly any fake tan smell at all. The tan is really even, thanks to the mitt but also thanks to the product I believe because I have applied other fake tans with mitts and still can be a little streaky.

I also put it on my arms and chest and I’m so happy with the results. I actually feel normal again, I have a healthy glow. It was quite hard getting a picture if my chest and arms without it looking a little weird so here are my best attempts...

Looks a little orange here but it really isn't

In the day time

It’s supposed to last 5-7 days so we’ll see if that’s true, but I’m certain it will because it’s lived up to expectations thus far. It’s a bargain and it really is worth every penny.

Have you tried this product yet?

**in my case the fake tan didn’t transfer onto my bedding  this was a risk I was happy to take, it’s up to you whether you’d be happy to sleep in it.


  1. I'm not usually one for fake tan but I may have to give this one a go!

    1. To be fair, I've used a lot of different ones. I'd suggest if you try this one, only have it on for an hour then wash it off, it'll give a really gentle glow! I just like mine dark!xx

  2. that fake tan sounds lovely. i need to start tanning because i'm super pale.

    1. It really is! Haha! Oh so was I, incredibly pale so it actually nice to have a bit of colour! Thanks for reading!!xx