11 April 2014

Goodbye beautiful fake nails...

Just to give a bit of background...

I've always had pretty weak nails, I've tried vitamins, nail strengthening polishes, I kept them short, I kept them long, the fact of the matter is they're just weak! 

Nail polish would chip within minutes of being done they always looked really awful and ugly. As soon as I started working in a more professional environment I realised I just couldn't meet clients with such appalling nails. I did try various different "2 week" gel nail polishes but most lasted about a day. 

So I went fabulously fake and boy have I loved it! The length, the (fake) strength, always looked neat and tidy! 

However it's getting to a stage where I see so many beautiful blogs (I blame you all) with beautiful nail colours that I just need to try and let's face it, fake nails aren't good in the long run 

So I say farewell nails, it's time to strip it all back...

Check in over the weekend to see them gone! 

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