21 April 2014

My Easter weekend....

Hasn't this long weekend gone quick? 

So here's a couple of images to show you what I've been up to, I've actually spent a fair amount of time outside. 

I went on a lovely Spring walk with the pooch, he's a Chocolate Labrador called Alf. We have a small area of woods near my house and I love taking him over there because you really get to see the way the seasons change and I just love it in the Spring and then again in Autumn.

There is a selection of images all of which I've over indulged with. I mean look at the size of that egg in the bottom right hand picture I only included the other egg to put things in to context it's massive! I haven't tackled it yet. Of course the obligatory drinks that must be drunk over the weekend. We went to a roof terrace which was just perfect.

Then I went to a picnic with my friend and my goddaughter and manage to capture this shot of them both on the bouncy castle, how cute does my goddaughter's skirt look flaring out? Bless her. She was a little grumpy but was happy when we went to visit the animals

It really was such a gorgeous day in the park today!

Well, that was my weekend, pretty chilled but enjoyable nonetheless. I've obviously excluded any beauty related posts because they are already up on this blog (check them out!) 

I must admit I am kinda looking going back to work tomorrow, back to normality, back to reality back to my beloved routine.

Tell me about your weekend?

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