20 August 2014

The Watch Collection

Watches Watches Watches. Oh how I love my watches. 

I had a little obsession develop a while ago, I went through a stage of just buying watches to cheer myself up. Most people eat chocolate or ice cream, I on the other hand just buy pretty things. It started 4 years ago when I got my first watch, lovely little Sekonda with a black pearlescent face and then it just grew after that, which resulted in a total of 5 far. 

 My humble, yet beautiful collection.

I love to look at these and think back on how each one reminds me of a certain time or place and I like the variety of them all. Don't get me wrong they're hardly the cheapest habit, ranging from £50 to £250 but I've been so very good and not bought any more this year at all. But shall we have a closer look?


I had to start with the thing that caused my obsession, it's pretty and petite. Very different from my other watches. I bought this as a "cheer me up" purchase because me and my ex had just split up so I went on a pain numbing spending spree. It's very lightweight and I still love it but you can't see the beautiful pearlescent face in this photo.

Armani Exchange

Ah my lovely rose gold A|X watch. This one I just fell in love with when I saw it on display, I knew I was going to have it. I had to wait until the following pay day but it was just something about it I loved. I mean who needs numbers on a watch anyway?

Michael Kors

This is probably one of my faves, but everyone has a Michael Kors watch. I bought this last year when I got my first proper job in London to treat myself and make me feel good. There's probably not much more I can say about this watch as I think it speaks for itself. Big and a bit bling. What's not to love?

Armani Exchange

This one I must confess what a completely unnecessary purchase, the only reason I got it was because I needed a watch to wear at the weekends that wasn't metal. This picture doesn't do it justice, the stones are Swarovski crytsals so they shine beautifully in the light. Another one with no numbers again, very odd. I clearly like my A|X watches to have no numbers. 


This one is really special to me, I saw it half price in my local jewellers and I loved it. I was really drawn to the face, I liked the roman numerals, very different to my other watches however I didn't buy it. When I got home I was talking to my parents about how I should have bought it because it was just such a good price etc. The next day they went in to see if they could find it and they couldn't, they said it had sold out. I was gutted, really gutted. Then my mum came home and was showing some canvas shopping bag and she told me to look in it and there it was! They had bought me it. I felt so special that they had done this and  it's still one of my favorite gifts they've ever bought.

There we have it, my little collection. 

What objects do you love and why?


  1. wow Toni! i thought i was being naughty for wanting another nice watch! I will def be showing this to my other half! Aarti x

    1. Haha!! Seriously, it's a pretty big problem, but I've been really good and not bought a watch this year at all!x