28 August 2014

Lakeside Shopping Centre Haul

Recently I booked a random day off from work and thought what a great idea it is to spend the day at Lakeside Shopping Centre in Thurrock. Possibly the worst thing to do is go to Lakeside when you haven't been paid.

So several hours and lots of money later this was the damage...

Which isn't actually too bad

I'll be honest I haven't bought myself clothes in quite sometime, purely because all my money has been going on beauty products and I always find it really hard to see things I like in the Spring/Summer season. I wear a lot of black and I'm trying to revamp the ol' wardrobe so there's no point in me buying things that are going to be out of season in a couple of months. I want to change my wardrobe so that it has the basic essentials that last a lot longer. You will notice a theme, there is a lot of black but it's my favourite colour and you can wear anything with it and Autumn/Winter is easily my favourite season for clothes. 

Boux Avenue is easily my favourite lingerie shop, I have shopped there years. I won't go into too much detail by showing you exactly what I bought (nobody needs to see that) but I just got some underwear. I love the shop at Lakeside, it always looks amazing, I love the way all the sizes are laid out in the draws below and the staff are literally amazing. I really appreciate walking into a shop, being greeted and service is my number one thing I look out for and this shop ticks all of the boxes. I don think they are actually too expensive but I love the little details such as the gift wrapping and things like that. 

I also accidentally fell into Zara. I never go in to buy anything but always end up with a bag full of stuff. This time I was very good, I was just having a look around and found some plain black leggings, fab quality and a thick waist band and they were only £20! I didn't take a pic because to be honest, they are pretty boring and it's hard to take a pic of leggings when they aren't on you. 

But as you can see I also bought this gorgeous black jumper, honestly words cannot describe how much I love this. The quality and weight is gorgeous, I find it hard sometimes to wear jumpers without them making me look bigger but this just lays perfectly because it is quite heavy. Of course I love the little lace detail on the shoulders, it's so cute. This was £25 which I think is still a good price for the quality. 

Moving swiftly onto Primark, for me Primark is one of those store I really struggle to shop in, I literally cannot handle the mess and chaos of it, I'm terrible. However I went to Lakeside fairly early and to my excitement it was quiet and the shelves were perfectly stacked. The only reason I went in was to get some boots. Last year I bought some suede ones which I literally wore all through AW but they are a bit worn now so I thought I would see whether they have them in this year. To my joy, they had the same ones but in a leather look version, they are exactly the same so I snapped them up at on £15. I also love the fact they have a chunky rubber sole.

I also bought a grey vest top, again not very exciting but I kinda like the worn look about it and thought it would look great with my black Zara leggings, my boots and a little jacket to go over the top and it was only £1!!

No shopping trip would be complete without going into Lush, it's an unwritten rule that if there is a Lush shop thou must enter! I wanted to run wild however having abused my bank balance in previous shops I thought I would be good and only pick two bath bombs. I picked Honey bee bath bomb (I had to really didn't I?) and the Twilight bath bomb, I haven't tried Twilight before but it seems to be a favourite among bloggers. I'm more of a shower kinda gal but when I have a bath I do like it to be pretty indulgent so I'm looking forward to popping these in my baths. 

There we have my little mini haul.

Have you bought anything from these shops recently? 


  1. I love your little fashion haul! I'm guilty of shopping before payday myself. I also agree with you about essentials--I actually feel like I've bought too many pieces on impulse. I need more items that are easily worn in any season. Especially Winter. I love shopping winter wear most. ♡

    1. I'm an absolute nightmare for impulse buying. I'm gonna try and make my clothing purchases more of a "considered purchase" from now on...let's see how long that lasts! Haha! Thanks for reading!x

  2. Those boots look amazing!

    Abby x x x

    1. I wore them for a few hours today actually and they are great, fab price too!! :) Thanks for reading!x

  3. The boots look lovely, I must look out for them :) xx

    1. Yeah definitely, I think they are new in store so should be easy to find. :) Thank you for reading!!x

  4. Hello! I just discovered your blog. :)

    Those boots from Primark look good! I'd been looking for something like that, will go take a look.

    Sneha |

    1. Well thank you for reading Sneha! :) They're so great to wear!!x

  5. Love the primark boots, they've got some really great bits in at the moment which Im constantly eyeing up because I work there (not great for trying to save money!). I really want to pop to Lush and buy some bath bombs, Im definitely a shower girl, but I can be tempted to a bath with some yummy lush goodies!

    Emma x
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