18 August 2014

August Birchbox | Review

It's been a while since I've done a Birchbox review because they've just been so fabulous I've written review for individual products instead. I had really high hopes for the August Birchbox there was a lot of hype surrounding it and it was a holiday themed version so I was very excited to receive it. 

This was in side my August Birchbox

I'm going to have to be honest now and say I was a little disappointed with this months box, for several reasons really. When I had seen the little spoilers and hints of what would be in the box I genuinely thought we'd be getting a book, and what a great thing to take on holiday, that's the ultimate holiday essential, when really we received a chapter from the book. I understand that this is only a small box so a book may have taken up too much room or would have made the parcels heavy therefore increasing postage but I personally would have preferred to receive a small short story or a voucher receive a free book or something like that. 

Another reason is that in other boxes I saw that people had received the Wild About Beauty eyeshadow which I so desperately wanted but didn't get, however this is probably because I have my preferences set up wrong but still a little disappointed. 

Don't get me wrong some of the products are fine, the Nude Treatment oil is nice, I'm a little fussy about what I put on my face but I have tried it out to wear at night and it's ok. It's an oil so it does leave you skin oily so I wouldn't wear it during the day but at night is fine and it hasn't given me spots yet, but the scent isnt really that nice, I can't even describe it, it's just weird. I have also tried out the No.4 Prep and Protect hair spray which again is ok but has a weird smell too. When I think of holiday products I always think about the scent. Most holiday products have a tropical or coconut or floral or fresh scent but these don't. 

Two products I'm not going to use are the Supergoop CC Cream, it's just too dark for me and not very easy to blend and the Chella Highlighter pencil just isn't my type of product you have to blend with your fingers because if you use a brush the product just disappears into the brush.

I know I'm sounding like a "Negative Nancy", so let's put this in perspective, I still really love Birchbox, it's a fab idea. I bought the 6 month subscription and 2 boxes out of 6 have been a little boring, but the other 4 have been  amazing!!! I am going to renew my subscription for another 6 months because it's so nice to try a variety of products.

Still looking forward to next months Birchbox!

What were your thoughts on this months Birchbox?


  1. I have ordered a birch box this month, although I ordered it 2 days ago so Im probably too late and will get it next month, Im exited though, are they usually good?

    1. Hey Megan, to be honest I've loved all of the Birchboxes, they are definitely worth it. Thanks for reading!xx