26 August 2014

NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix | First Impression

I thought I would do a "first impression" post on the NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Pads, normally I would wait at least a month to do a full review but I literally bought these last week Monday and had to share with you my first thoughts on them.

I was reading a review on the Glycolic Fix Pads by the incredibly talented Gemma from and I literally ran out straight away to buy them, I'm lucky because I have a Superdrug right by my office. Gemma writes THE best beauty posts and anything she recommends is always amazing.

Glycolic Fix, claims to help resurface the skin on your face by getting rid of old dead skin and encouraging new skin growth, these exfoliating pads contain 2.8% Glycolic Acid. They also contain hyaluronic acid and blue daisy which moisturises and soothes the skin. They cost £12.95 for 60 pads, which possibly is a little pricey, but having read good reviews I just wanted to try them out. 

I have a fair amount of acne scarring which I loathe and if there is a chance that a product can make it slightly better then of course I want to try it.  It suggests you to use them either once or twice a day but because my skin is so awful I thought I would use them twice a day, once at night and once in the morning after I have washed my skin.

After the first time I used them I was literally so impressed, I mean after just one pad I noticed a difference. I was expecting something good but I didn't realise it would be this good! I gave my face a really good rub with these pads to make sure I was targeting my problem areas such as my cheeks and my nose. I may have rubbed a little too hard as my face was fractionally red and I don't think this is as a result of the pads it's just my eagerness to make them work. My skin the next day looked amazing, it looked so fresh.

I must talk about the scent of these as well, I was kinda worried that they would smell quite chemically but actually they smell really amazing they have something called Blue Daisy to help moisturise the skin as well so they smelled a little floral. They are a pleasure to put on my face. 

Now let's talk about the actual results, so far the skin on my nose has literally transformed, normally it used to be quite bumpy and my pores were massive and just looked awful. After a week my pores are smaller, I have fewer blackheads and it's really smooth. The one thing I will point out and I'm not 100% sure there this is a direct result of the pads or not but I've noticed that the skin on my nose is slightly more oilier than what it used to be. My skin type is pretty average, not too dry, not too oily so I can notice when it does go one way or the other, but to be honest a little bit of powder and it looks fine. It's not a massive issue. 

When it comes to my cheeks I have noticed a small difference, the reality is that I have quite large scars on my cheeks so I may need something with a higher concentrate of Glycolic Acid to see a bigger difference, quicker but even after week I'm still impressed. My skin feels smoother on my cheeks and my make up blends better on these problem areas now. 

I am in love with this product and I want to try more from this range. 

As I said this is just my first impression, I will write a full review after I have finished the pot.

Have you tried any of the Glycolic Fix range?


  1. Oh I want to try these now. Really good review x

    1. Honestly, I was so impressed. I really think they are worth it. Thank you for reading!x

  2. I've not actually tried these, but I am even more keen to now. Great review!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. Ooh! I definitely want to try this out, it sounds amazing! I may have to pop into my nearest Superdrug ;)!

    Amazing review by the way :)!


    Curiously Quinn