4 August 2014

Honeypot goes pink...kinda

This post is about a fabulous Hen party I went to on Friday night. 

I was invited to my best friend, Vernia, sister's hen party and there was a theme LDBs and pink wigs, though of course the bride wore blue with an electric blue wig because she had to stand out, she's the wonderful one getting married after all. 

I loved this idea, it's so easy, everyone has an LDB and the pink wigs cost next to nothing, in fact I picked mine up from ebay for £4 and it didn't have any postage and packaging such a fantastic bargain. The one thing I struggled with was finding a dress I wanted something new but there wasn't many black items on the highstreet. However I found an absolutely gorgeous one from New Look for £17.99. Very simple, the perfect length but the crazy thing for me was that the dress had tiny little straps and I never thought I would wear a dress like this. 

I've got pretty big boobs so I always have to wear a bra and I don't really like strapless bras because I they actually support my boobs enough but this dress was so nice I though I would just figure something out.

I really like the mesh paneling at the bottom!

To be honest, I didn't really get a chance to take many pictures because we were just having too much fun. The evening was fantastic, everyone really made an effort and the Bride To Be had a brilliant time, there was a lot of singing and a lot of alcohol. One of the funniest moments to start the night was when we were walking to the train station in our wigs, needless to say we got a few car tooting at us. 

When we got to the venue there was about another 20 girls all in pink wigs, it looked great. We went to 3 Monkeys in Balham which had a private karaoke room so we all started in there whilst we got the cocktails flowing. Then we went upstairs to carry on the dancing with some great music. The venue was very chilled and we kinda had the place to ourselves, which was lovely. The bar staff were great, I understand that some places don't really want pen/stag parties because things can get a little messy but these guys were lovely. 

  I'm not gonna lie, I absolutely loved the wig

Have you been to a themed hen party? If so what did you have to wear?

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