13 November 2014

Company Bloggers Style the High Street | Event

I recently went to the Company Magazine Bloggers Style the Highstreet event with my two wonderful blogging pals HannahPacha and Mrs Jonas Recommends, check out their blogs. It was an event where Company magazine handpicked some highstreet brands and some famous bloggers to help pick out their favourite pieces to create a fashion show at the Tobacco Dock, in London.

Company also had an area where there was all sorts of treatments being done, from nails, to eyelashes to glittery lips but it was quite a small area so I found it hard to take pictures and I forgot my camera but we all know how awful the iPhone is for good quality pictures.

I did however try out these Lets Go lashes in number 9 Tempress:-

Moving onto the fashion show,again apologies for the lack of imagery, but I did however take some notes of what the collections looked like. Each brand had a blogger chose items from their AW collections to create the runway show. The brands that were included in the fashion show were - 

Marks and Spencer
River Island 

Key Trends:

Faux fur - I don't think a single collection didn't have at least one piece of faux fur, from coats to scarves to gilets. 
Hat - Oh my! Bloggers bloody love a hat, personally hats aren't for me at all but it was definitely a strong theme.
Leather - Oh there was a lot of leather skirts. I must admit I think everyone loves a bit of leather every now and then, personally I couldn't wear a skirt but I'm all about the leather sleeves.
Sparkle/Shimmer - I must admit not every collection had glitter in it but I think there were a lot of stunning pieces and with it being the party season of course those items had to play a part. 

To see all of the collections and which blogger picked which visit Company BHSH

It was good fun, Company definitely know how to throw a good event  also I just have to add how bloody amazing the goodie bag was, jam packed with loads of little fun pieces. 

Loving the look of a lot of things on here and actually I don't think there is a single thing I wouldn't use which is always a bonus. 

Did you go to the Company Blogger Style the High Street event?


  1. Wow that goody bag is amazing! Sounds like you had a lovely night Xx

    1. The goodie bag was pretty amazing I must admit! Thanks Olivia!xx

  2. Ah this is amazing, always wanted to go to a blogger even haven't really had the opportunity to yet! :)