27 November 2014

Models Own Sparkler | Review

I receieved this nail polish in one of my Birchboxes a little while ago, I'll be honest I can't remember which one now but I didn't really know what I'd do with it. I don't usually buy glittery polishes but it is full sized so I thought I would use it at some point. 

Recently however, I have found myself adding this nail polish to quite a few manicures, I kinda like the way it adds a touch of sparkle to everything. I really like that the pieces of glitter aren't little circles but instead strands of glittler, how cute! Now as we are heading into Christmas, I love everything glittery of course, tis the season to bloody sparkle.

So I just thought I would share with you my most recent manicures...

Sometimes in life you just have to add your own sparkle.

What are your favourite glitter nail polishes?


  1. I love this silver glitter strand polish, I was given a white glitter strand nail polish and it really didn't look that great. I like that you've only put it on certain nails too. It looks pretty xxx


    1. Thank you! I really didn't think I'd like it but now, I really love it. Sometimes less is more!xx