25 November 2014

November Birchbox | Review

I haven't written a Birchbox review for a little while, because though they have been good I just didn't feel they were amazing enough to write an entire review and I know that some people must get bored of reading Birchbox reviews every month. But then my November Birchbox arrived and I knew I had to share how fab this one is. 

November's theme was "Cosy at Home" loads of lovely little goodies to help us through the winter months and there are some real gems in here. 

Dr.Jart+ V7 Relief Vita Drop

Now I have never heard of this brand before and I just have to tell you how yummy this smells, like unbelievably delicious, it reminds me of lemon sorbet which is like my all time favourite thing. It's just so nice. 

One thing I will say is that from looking at the bottle you can't really tell where it is for but it's a massive size at 100ml so I just assumed it was a body moisturiser. It is not. It is in fact for your face, do not make the mistake of smothering it over your legs as it's not meant for that. Nothing negative happened but I just felt a bit silly, always read the label. 

It is a shame that its for the face, you all know how fussy I am about facial products I have my favourite items and use nothing else. But I may be tempted to try it out, it just smells so nice. 

Drinkwel Capsules

I was a little confused when I first saw these Drinkwel Capsules because I didn't know whether they were just vitamins or what? But actually these little things are supposed to be taken when you drink alcohol. The capsules contain b-vitamins, amino acids, fruit and botanical extracts and are "designed specifically for healthy people who like to responsibly consume alcohol" 

I really love the idea of these, something I've never heard of before but I'm definitely looking forward to trying these out. Also they are vegetarian capsules which is always a fab thing, not that I am a vegetarian but I like things that don't unnecessarily use animal by products. 

Beauty Protector Hair Mask

I have tried Beauty Protector before with Birchbox but it was the shampoo and conditioner. I love the smell of this product, again another sherbert-y sweet smell. We can all tell that I have a sweet tooth because I liken all scents to sweets. 

I recieved two little samples of this hair mask, I will probably have to use them both at once as my hair is kinda long. One thing I will say, I dislike the lack of information on these samples. No ingredients, nor any instructions, no idea how long to leave it on for, I could look online but that's an extra added step before using the product. 

Lord & Berry Bronzer

I have used the Lord & Berry eyeliner pencil sample before with Birchbox but never used anything else by the brand. To be honest this just isn't a brand I see very often or at least isn't one that I notice. That being said, I've heard really great things about this brand and this bronzer. 

It's a cute little sample size about the size of an eyeshadow disc, but I kinda have nowhere to put it so I'll just have to keep it in it's box for now. 

I received the shade Sunny which is ok for my skin, against my arm it looks very dark but that's probably the palest part of my body, I think it will look fine on my face. I will probably use this to contour as opposed to an over all bronzer. It's a matte shade with no hint of shimmer at all, which most people like. 

Weleda Smoothing Facial Oil

This is probably the only product I'm not that keen on, Weleda isn't a brand I've ever used before and unfortunately it is another facial product and it's an oil which is just never going to go on my face. 

I do think it's a great sample size and that you will probably be able to get a lot of use out of it but this one I'm just not going to use it, which is a shame. 

OPI in Coca-Cola Red

A full sized OPI, what a lucky girl I am and a beautiful shade of red. I was super excited to see this in the Birchbox this month. 

It's a bright red but it also has a kind of orange tone to it as well which is really nice if you want those bold statement nails. I'm actually going to write a review on this product so keep a look out for it next week.

Overall a really lovely box, I'm very happy with everything in it. I really like the Drinkwel capsules just because it's something I've never thought of before. I love the sample sizes in this box

What did you get in the November Birchbox?

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