2 November 2014

Looking forward to winter | Lifestyle

I'm going to share with you various different reasons why i'm looking forward to Winter, I'm a massive fan of both Autumn and Winter but I thought I could explain why I love Winter so much. 

Let's start with...


I mean this is kind of an obvious one. I used to work in retail for 7 years and had to work all over Christmas and never really used to like it. For us Christmas started in August which meant that by December we were fed up. But now I work somewhere different it actually means I can start to enjoy Christmas and the break and all the lovely things that comes with it. 

Not only that but I absolutely LOVE wrapping presents, I mean I actually love it. The ribbon, the tissue paper, the gift wrap oh I go all out. 


Yes I must be crazy but I can't help it, I love winter weather and the cold snap, how we have to wrap up all warm. I actually really love waking up in the morning and seeing it all frosty, the trees and the grass just looks stunning. Every year I just wish we would have a white Christmas and always feel cheated if it doesn't snow at least once. 

I know the picture above doesn't really show a winter scene, it's definitely an autumnal one but you get what I mean, in fact I don't think I have any pictures from winter last year. Let's hope I can get some pretty snowy scenes this year. 


I just love jumpers and scarfs and all things fluffy in the winter. It's nice to get all cosy, I love wearing boots as well. I do like the heat in the summer, but my wardrobe tends to lean towards more Autumn/Winter, a lot of black, a lot of long sleeves and a lot of pashminas and scarfs. 

I also get to wear my favourite coat that I got last year from Next, plain black but it also has leather sleeves which I definitely think is going to be coming back this year as well. 

Festive Baking

Oh yes, I am a massive fan of baking and when Christmas rolls around I love to bake and use a hell of a lot of icing, mainly in the festive green and red colours. It's a shame because the last couple of years, I really haven't baked anything for Chritsmas. I have been working like a crazy lady lately but this year I am so excited because I have booked some time off which means I will be baking cookies and muffins and I'm gonna do some mulled wine! Why not!? 

Are you looking forward to Winter? If so, tell me what you love about the season.

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