23 July 2015

Catalyst PR Goodies | Beauty

As you may have seen in a previous post, I recently went to a PR event which was totally amazing and you can read the post here. But I also wanted to share with you the brands and products I received. I will be review a lot of these products separately but  for this post I have kind of hand to bundle everything together otherwise there would be just far too many pictures. Some products I haven't actually included just because there was so many. 

At the event there was some really great brands on one brand I am super keen to try out is Sexy Hair, they have some great hair products which I'm always on the hunt for. The product I am really looking to try out is the Soy Renewal Creme because it is infused with Argan oil but is a much lighter formula. I have quite fine hair which means it's hard to use oils because it weighs it down but I was assured by the very lovely lady at Sexy Hair that this would be perfect for me. It also smells lovely. 

Australian Bodycare was also there, which you already know I'm a massive fan of, I love the tea tree products so I'm really excited to try the facial wash and body lotion out. Steamcream is a really nice product as well, it's a moisturiser, I tried a little bit any it really makes your skin feel silky smooth. Next is a new favourite of mine, it's the Dr.PAWPAW lip balms, I've really fallen in love with these. The Peach Pink is my favourite shade, it goes quite pink on me but can go to more of a peach colour dependent on your skin tone. 

Revlon gave us a whole host of different products to try out, all full sized and wonderful. There is a brunette shampoo and conditioner which obviously I can't use because I'm a blonde but I know someone who will like it so I'll have to pass that on. But there is a blonde product that enhances blonde hair but my problem is that I'm naturally blonde even though everyone at the event thought it was dyed, it really isn't. The Orofluido Oil is one that I am SO excited to try out because it smells divine. Another product I'm super keen to try out is Uniq One which has a whopping 10 benefits for restoring ad protecting your hair. 

So there we have just a few products, I feel very luck to have been give the opportunity to attend the event. 

Have you tired any of these brand before? 


  1. Wow looks like you managed to grab a load of lovely goodies! I love Revlon! x

  2. Paw Paw lip balm is absolutely amazing- its useful for anything and makes your lips feel so smooth!

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