30 July 2015

POP Beauty Peach Parfait Trio | Beauty

If you have read my July Birchbag review then you'll know I recieved this little beauty. I knew as soon as I saw it I'd have to write a separate post. I have such a thing for eye shadow palettes it's actually a little out of control. 

This little trio is from POP Beauty which is a brand I've never heard of before but I've done a bit of googling and you can buy their stuff online, in terms of price point for an eye shadow plate which contains 10 shadows they are £15.50 which I don't think is a bad price though of course there are several high street brand which do similar for a lot less. I recived Peach Partfait which has this different shades, the first one is perfect for highlighting the corners of the eye and even the brow bone it's a very pale shade. Then there is the light peach colour which is just so pretty and finally a copper kind of shade which I really love. 

If you are not a fan of shimmers and metalics and this range is not for you, these are super pigmented and super shimmery. When I first swatched them I was very light handed with them and I barely saw any colour pay off but when I actually applied more I was stunned at how pigmented they are. I think this is a mark of a good beauty product you have the ability to go strong and metallic or more subtle and shimmery. I'm definitely going to be taking this palette on holiday with me beacuse I think it'll look even better with a tan. I think these shade would look stunning on a darker or olive complexion. 

I'm really impressed with the colours of this POP Beauty product but I have to add one small negative comment, this product doesn't last. I tried it without primer and it lasted for about an hour! Maybe if I were to pack the colour on a bit more or if I used a primer but it's not the best. 

Have you tried anything from POP Beauty before?


  1. That looks really good. I've not tried anything from them before, and probably won't since the longevity is so poor. What a shame! xx

    1. It is a shame, perhaps it may last longer with primer or maybe I just had pretty sweaty eye lids that day! Gorgeous colours though!xx

  2. I am a sucker for neutral colours, and this eyeshadow trio looks gorgeous! It's a shame that the eyeshadow doesn't last so long, so based on your review I don't think I'll be buying them xx

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    1. They may last longer with primers etc but for me I wasn't blown away!xx