7 July 2015

Miller Harris La Collective Voyage Fragrances | Beauty

If you read my blog, or at least read it last week you know that I wrote a post on a different Miller Harris Fragrance called Poirier d'un Soir which is easily my favourite fragrance, but as part of my gift I also received this wonderful little collection. It's La Collection Voyage : Elle, which is a selection of fruity floral scents. 

Terre d'iris has notes of bergamot and orange making it quite a citrus fragrance but it also has floral undertones with rose and patchouli. I'd say this one is quite a strong scent and not one I would wear everyday but for me it's more of an evening fragrance.La Pluie is a lovely floral one and I could really pick up on the lavender in this one but it also has jasmine and ylang ylang in it. This one is probably my least favourite purely because I'm not the biggest lavender fan but it is still a nice scent, I just won't use it as much as the other two. Lastly we have Tangerine Vert which is a super zesty, fresh fragrance that I am in love with. Tangerine Vert is just the most wonderful fresh fragrance that after a few seconds turns into a virant lemon/lime scent. It's so perfect for the summer.

I really love this range, each one is a unique scent but also they really complement each other. I think it's a wonderful gift idea for people who love to be a little different with their fragrance selections. For me, Miller Harris as a brand really understands the quality of the scents going into each bottle which makes each spray feels incredibly luxurious. 

There is a Miller Harris store in Covent Garden, London which I would definitely suggest you take a visit and try out for yourself because the fragrances are just wonderful. 

Have you tried anything from Miller Harris?

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