26 July 2015

Pana Chocolate | Food

Who doesn't love chocolate? These pieces just look so yummy don't they.  

Pana Chocolate* is an Australian chocolate brand, but the thing that really makes them stand out is the quality of the ingredients in this chocolate. Pana Chocolate only use 100% raw organic ingredients, there is no diary, no soy, it's gluten free and no refined sugar. This really is a "super" brand type of chocolate. As you may know, this year I have changed my lifestyle completely which means I am trying to eat as clean as possible and have a great exercise routine. But let's face it I'm always going to love chocolate but it is full of absolute rubbish. 

I love the fact Pana Chocolate caters for the Healthy Living market and if it tastes just as good as regular chocolate then why wouldn't you choose this? Pana Chocolate really care about the Earth and people, all of the ingredients used are 100% organic and ethically sourced but also, the packaging that is used it made from recycled materials with biodegradable foils wrapped around the chocolate itself. I can't get over how wonderful this brand is, it's so refreshing to see a brand care about their products so much down to every fine detail. They even print cute messages on the chocolate such as "Love Your Insides" and "Love The Earth", now that's the kind of positivity I like to see. 

Moving onto the actual taste of the product...oh my god. It's a much softer, more crumbly texture than the other chocolates available, it's an almost velvety smooth texture in the mouth. I received 4 different varieties, Orange, Raw Cacao, Eighty and Cinnamon, if you aren't a fan of dark chocolate then this may not be the one for you. I love dark chocolate but only in small doses, so for me this really is a treat. Just one little square is packed with flavour you really wouldn't be able to eat the entire bar. I must say that the Orange Chocolate one is easily my fave, I love all things orangey and orange chocolate even more. My brother tried a little piece and he said it reminded him of Christmas, which was a sweet thought.

They do a variety of other flavours, including Mint and Coconut & Goji Berry which I think is really fantastic. The only thing that upsets me is that it is very hard to get online, if you go direct to their site the don't ship internationally. However I have done a bit of googling and you can buy it on As Nature Intended for £2.95 for 45g. It could be argued that it's a little more expensive than other chocolate, but for me it's 100% worth it because it is so good for the environment and for your body. 

What are your healthy treats?

*PR sample however all views are my own