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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Australian Bodycare Cleansing Face Mask | Beauty

If you are a regular reader you'll know I love a face mask, any kinda I love trying out and was very kindly sent this face mask, so you know I was pretty excited to try it out. 

Australian Bodycare is a brand I've heard of before, I have actually used their After Wax product which is really nice. They have quite an extensive range of skincare products on site and most appear to have Tea Tree Oil in them. This is the Cleansing Face Mask* and it's a clay based mask which I was surprised about because when you first squeeze it out of the bottle you'll notice that it's no where near as thick as other clay masks which is a good thing because some clay mask dry so hard you actually do more damage to your skin trying to get it off. Australian Bodycare's version is a thick but creamy formula and not only includes Tea Tree Oil but also has Macadamia Oil and Papaya.

The scent of this product is very strong, you can smell the Tea Tree as soon as you take the lid off this but to me this isn't a bad thing. However if you don't like strong smelling products it may not be for you. This product is mild enough to be used everyday but I decided I'd only use it weekly, I don't usually use face masks everyday, who has time for that? I'd say you've gotta give it a pretty good shake as well, because it's a funny kind of texture, it's a little runny, a little thick, a little lumpy, just give it a shake and it makes it come out of the bottle much smoother. 

When I put this product on it actually felt quite tingly, which is something I'm not used to, as it was drying I could really feel it. It wasn't unpleasant, but I think if you have very sensitive skin it would almost feel a little irritated. The thing that I really love about this product is the way it dried onto my skin. With Clay masks they can dry to hard and it make it a pain to get off, however this Australian Bodycare face mask actually dried softly so it was much easier to wash off. Once I did wash it off, I noticed my skin looked very matte and fresh, I really like how my skin felt. I put a bit of my favourite moisturiser on and for the rest of the day this product leaves my skin feeling very smooth and soft. 

This Cleansing Face Mask really is gentle on the skin and has some great ingredients, I can definitely notice a different in my skins texture and overall appearance every time I use the product. 

Have you tried anything from Australian Bodycare?  

*PR Sample, all views my own


  1. This mask sounds perfect! I will be posting a review later today of a different product from this brand :) x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    1. It's a really love mask!! Ooo I'll check out your post!!xx

  2. I was sent the tea tree blemish balm and really liked it! I'd definitely love to give this clay face mask a go :)

    Hannah x hannatalks

    1. Ooo, I wanted to try out that blemish balm!xx

  3. This product looks very interesting to use! I know that they have products in their country that are not grown anywhere else in the world so their products are generally very unique and natural. Tee tree oil is a a very strong product and is used for pimples and to clear up skin so I think it's a good idea to put it in a cleanser!! I may give this a go!

    Heba xx || The Heba

    1. It's a really great product, so I definitely would recommend trying it out!xx

  4. I hope I get to try this product out. You make it sound amazing. :)

  5. Yeah, it really sounds amazing! Need to check if I can get them here as well!



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