10 July 2016

5 things to do in Budapest | Travel

I've written a few travel blog posts but I think they often waffle on a lot and let's face it people can't be bothered to actually read them so this time I'm gonna try something shorter with giving you guys just 5 things you MUST do if you visit budapest.

Let's jump in with something you guys know I love, food...

Hungarian food
This kinda seems like an obvious one but I have got to say that street food is definitely something they specialise in, I think if you like quick and flavoursome food then you need to visit one of the many food markets. The kind of things you'll find are langos which is basically a pizza with sour cream base instead of tomato and cheese on top or this hot dog thingy which is basically a bread cone with sausages, melted cheese and fried onions on top and of course a vast range of burgers and goulash. There is a fantastic Street food market called Karaván not far from a great ruin bar which moves me onto my next point

Ruin bars
So if you love quirky bars with a chilled out vibe full of thousands of things to look at then Budapest definitely has something for you. Essentially the ruin bars started a few years ago it was kind of a way to dress up the bar using things available such as bikes, computers, street signs, hundreds of lights it's a really great idea. The one that I loved the most was Szimpla Bar, it's probably one of the most popular but it's pretty big and has a bit of something for everyone with the various different rooms to discover. There are a lot to discover though so I would definitely suggest that you go on a ruin bar crawl.

Yeah yeah I know this is obvious but there is a LOT to see in Budapest, depends on how you want to spend your time but there are many ways to see the city. Fun fact : Budapest is actual split into 2, Buda on one side of the river and Pest on the other. Pest is pretty flat and Buda is the hilly part so go to Buda for the best views. Places like the Citadella and Fisherman's Bastion are pretty bloody high but you can totally walk up to both view points if you like a walk like I do. There are also pretty cheap boat tours that run down the Danube to Margaret Island and back which takes just over an hour, it's great because you get to see some of the sights and learn about the history.

This one is a bit of a marmite choice like I get it, the whole animals in captivity argument is one that always gives me a little bit of a moral dilemma especially with the larger animals. However I can't help but love being able to see all these amazing creatures so close to me. I have to point out that personally I think this is one of the best zoo's I have visited in years! They have everything from Kolwalas to grizzly bears to orangutans so amazing. Also I have to mention the little ice cream treats, you can buy this cup of tiny little ice cream balls that are so bloody yummy. The zoo can be found in Pest in the City Park Városliget with loads of other interesting things...

Thermal baths Szécgenyi baths! There are a lot of baths dotted around Budapest but I think this bath house is probably the most popular and isn't it just bloody beautiful, think about the Roman baths in Bath but this is far more modern and you can actually just chill out in them! It's a super busy place but I think if you want to do something a little different you should visit here. There are two main baths in this complex on is about 30° and the other is 37° which is actually pretty damn hot when you get in! I would definitely say get a cabin instead of a locker, it just gives you space to get changed and sort your life out in your own privacy.
I also thought I would share some key things to note as well

Top Tips
  • Budapest does accept Euros but it's far easier to pay in HUF (Hungarian Forints) 
  • To drink spirits and sodas/tonics is far more expensive than drinking the local beers so definitely try those out instead
  • Don't expect amazing customer service, in most places, it's not bad but it's something where small talk isn't really encouraged but I think it's more of a cultural thing 
  • Use the tube, it's cheap and really easy to use
  • Prices vary in quite a big way, you can get a beer for 550 Forints in one place and then the same beer for 990 in another so make sure you are aware of the prices, don't assume it's all the same

Have you been on holiday this year?


  1. One of my favourite destinations in the world! Hungarian wine was really delicious and cheap too :) I'd also add in to go to House of Terror, an amazing museum experience about the fascist and communist times in Hungary.

    Kate |

    1. Oh yeah!! We actually really wanted to go to House of Terror but for some reason we didn'the can'take remember why now!! Great tips xx

  2. This is a really useful post! Noted down some of your tips and suggestions, I can't wait to visit the baths!!

    Hannah xx

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