17 July 2016

That Instagram Life | Lifestyle

Oh yes, another post about Instagram,  I don't know why I just love it. I think for me it's how quickly you can look at and absorb the images you are seeing, they are literally gone in an instant and if you follow people from different time zones you always have fresh creative to look at whenever, I love it.

I do think it's interesting to see how much Instagram and taking pictures has become such an important thing in our lives, especially bloggers, I mean really think about it. I started my blog as a beauty blog and I basically took a picture of any beauty product and it would get so many likes just because it was popular at the time or I used the right hashtags and it's literally just a picture of a lipstick, not ground breaking stuff but I loved it regardless. I know that I have definitely become that person who walks down the street and can't help but think "Ooo that would be a good insta shot" or "This food looks amazing I must photograph it". The thing is I know that people get annoyed by it, having to wait for someone to take a picture of something random might be boring but I think it's all about perspective.

I was recently on a work trip and we managed to get a bit of free time, I spend the majority of my time wandering around with my head in the clouds and I kept finding myself getting behind the others I was with simply because I was taking the odd picture here and there. Of course I got the standard eye roll and the insta joke but you know what I think you can miss some beautiful things by not looking and just focusing on getting from a to b, don't get me wrong if you're totally engrossed in a conversation then you aren't gonna be looking for insta opportunities but I am a massive believer in just taking a moment to really look at your surroundings.

Though this being said I do realise that there are times when the real life moments blur with the have to be perfect moments. I think that's one thing I struggle with a little is that sometimes people's feeds just look too perfect. I know many people who will take like 50 pictures just to get that one perfect picture, whereas I might take one or two shots and hope for the best which is why I think I have moved onto more travel shots as opposed to beauty products and food shots because let's face it unless you have a marble background and pastel shades no one cares.

The one thing I really love about Instagram is that I can look back on my feed and think of all these wonderful times and opportunities that come up in my life. People don't keep photo albums any more, they rarely use picture frames so I guess for me Instagram is just modern day version of those. Also, because I am in a different country and travel quite a lot for work quite a few of my pals have said they follow me on Instagram just so they can keep up with what I am doing, which is a really nice thought.

What is it about Instagram that you love or can you just not be bothered?

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