31 July 2016

Kiko Shade Fusion Trio Blush | Beauty

I have literally only just discovered the brand Kiko and boy am I in love. Today I thought I would share with you this wonderful little blusher which is in the Shade Fusion range and is 01. I kinda dislike that the things I have bought from Kiko don’t have some cheeky little name but still, I guess I’ll just have to work with it.

This purchase was actually something I picked up as I was waiting in the queue to buy my foundation (which turns out wasn't a good shade match) but as I was waiting I was rather intrigued by these little trios. When it comes to blusher, I’ve never been a massive fan just because I’m pretty pasty and some pinks look really bad, that being said, I love a blush/highlight like the beautiful Max Factor Blush or the Blushing Hearts blush. From what I remember they had 4 different shades ranging from this rather neutral tone to very pink. At first, I went for a pink trio but when I saw 01 I actually thought it wasn’t like anything I have so I should try something new, not only that but because I am pale I thought that this could add a natural flush of colour to my cheeks.

I really liked that this trio had a very pale shade, because I could actually use this to highlight my brow bone but also it is very contrasting to the deeper reddish pink shade at the bottom so they can balance each other out very well. When I first saw the pan I really liked the fact it wasn't shimmery at all, very different from what I am used to. However when I got home I noticed, when looking very closely at the palest shade, just a hint of shimmer but you know it’s so minimal I’m not bothered.  

As you can see the pan is pretty small so I don’t think you’d be able to use each shade individually for blusher but I imagine that some of these shades (if not all of them) would make a great crease colour for your eyes. I use the Real Techniques blush brush for all of my blushers, unless I am actually highlighting, I just like the shape of the brush and I just give it a quick swirl in the pan, tap off excess on the edge and apply to the apples of my cheeks and brushing a little up under my cheek bone. When I first tried it I was so in love,  the mixtures of all of the colours is just so pretty it really does give a very natural amount of colour to my cheeks and also adds a bit of warmth.

I have been using this product literally every day, It’s very easy to go a little OTT with though so I do have to be a bit careful but it’s really nice. I use this product for when I’m not really going contour crazy or when I’m not using any bronzer, just this and a little bit of highlighter and I am good to go.

What is your favourite blusher?

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