3 July 2016

Tips for Travelling for work | Travel

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you'll know that this year I have travelled a lot for work, I'm super lucky but this means I've definitely had to become more organised with a few things. So today I thought I would share with you my tips on travelling for work

This one is more about what to do with the change you have left over, in an ideal world you would spend the exact amount and not have to worry about having excess dollars or pounds but let's face it you always end up with change. What I have started doing is bagging up separately the different currencies so I know that if I am going to America I simply just take that little bag with me so at least I have some money for a drunk when I land. If I travel in Europe I'm really lucky because any left over euros I'll just use in Italy when I get home.

Literally the bane of my existence, I am the worst person at keeping receipts and I always forget to ask for for the receipts with taxis it's a nightmare. When I travel I hate travelling with a purse, it's bulky and actually I very rarely use one when I'm not travelling so this is how all my receipts get lost. Instead of taking a purse with me I have this little draw string pouch that doesn't take up any room and I can easily just keep it in my bag. I took it out to LA with me and can you believe I didn't lose any receipts. Woo

Handbag prep
I hate packing luggage but love preparing my handbag before, I probably do it like the week before. The way I see it is that as long as I have my passport and flight docs it doesn't matter what else I forget because I can at least get to where I am going everything else you can buy when you are there if you need to.

Lip balm
This seems like such an obvious one I know but oh my god! I never wear lip balm during the day because I feel I end up applying it too much and then licking it off and then using it more making my lips drier. My tip is to apply it at night because you have less chances of licking it off and you'd be surprised how much is still left on you lips in the morning (little beauty tip for you girls there) The only time I apply lip balm during the day is when I am flying because the air con just dries you out completely so it's an

Business cards
So important for work travel, there is nothing worse than attending an event without your business cards. I know other people may have them but it's always so much better if you do as well. Also, always bring more than you think you need.

Oh my god, I have often made the mistake of forgetting my headphones on a long haul flight. The thing is that yes, airlines do provide you headphones so it's not as bad but they are poor quality and they hurt my ears. Also what about shorter flights? C'mon what's better than listening to a bit of James Bay or Del Amitri during take off?

So there are my little tips on travelling for work, what tips do you have?

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