11 December 2016

Favourite Things About Christmas | Lifestyle

Christmas Scene

Christmas was stolen from me last year in Florence and this year I am going home so I just wanted to tell you my absolute fave things about the festive season, starting with...

Glass of Champagne...
Oh that's a bit flash isn't it? But for like the last 5 years, I buy a bottle of champagne nothing too crazy expensive and I share it with my family at Christmas lunch time and I just love sitting on the sofa, sipping my little glass of champers looking at the twinkly Christmas tree lights

The Dinner...

I mean, it's like a Sunday dinner but 100 times better because it has pigs in blankets, crackers, a thousand different sauces. It's just perfect. I also love the wait for the dinner, like you can smell it, it's amazing and you know it's coming but the anticipation is almost too much to handle...hence the little champers whilst I wait!

Dad's Christmas breakfast...
My dad always does a Christmas breakfast, kind of like a fry up but with different bits and pieces, basically I'm just obsessed with the food at Christmas, it's carby, it's meaty and it's like comfort food to another level. He always has a drop of port as well, in remembrance of my Grandad, but let's not get too sentimental here.

Christmas Drinks...
I love all the random meet ups in the lead up for Christmas, all the work events, all the diners with your close pals all to celebrate Christmas. It kinda gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Also everyone is in like the best mood, being in London is great at this time of year as well, there is something quite wonderful about seeing a drunk Santa Claus on your train as it gently rocks him to sleep. 

It's an obvious one but all the warm colours of the tinsel and the sparkly baubles just gets me all heart-eyed emoji at everything. I love buying decorations for my parents tree, in fact I would buy new everything every year if I could. I must admit, next year, I am looking forward to having my own little tree for me to fuss over. 

So basically it's food, drink and social occasions that make me happy! It's the simple things ay! 

Tell me at least one of your favourite things about Christmas?


  1. Christmas movies are definitely my favorite thing!

    1. Oooo I forgot about the movies, great shout!xx

  2. oooo the Christmas breakfast sounds nice! We're going to Miller & Carter for Christmas day this year, I'm SO excited for a 7 course meal!!


    1. Oh my god, I am so jealous you are going to Miller and Carter, you know I am a fan! I want to see pictures missy!!xx

  3. I love fizz all year around so for me, its all about the food! I love Christmas eating :D

    1. Haha! I mean, dear you know I'm all about the fizz too but it seems even nicer sitting by the tree! ;) xx