7 December 2016

Lancome Visionnaire Nuit : Update | Beauty

Lancome Visionnaire Nuit

It's about time I gave you guys an update on my Lancome Visionnaire Nuit product. I actually purchased this in August because I realised how haggard my face looked and decided I need to so something to try and save it, I wrote about my first impressions but it's definitely a good time to give you my end result feedback. 

Now you guys know I don't do the whole face on the blog thing, so don't expect any before or after pictures, you know I don't want to scare you off with my troll like features. I do just want to explain my experience with Visionnaire Nuit though. I think at first, I was bloody obsessed with it, wore it every night literally smothered myself in the stuff and my skin definitely looked nice but it made it a bit oily if I'm honest and I was using so much that I would wake up and it was still very much on my skin. Then I stopped using it, I really got out of the habit, it's hard to remember to do it every night and if you have people coming over you don't want to suffocate them with the granny smell that Visionnaire Nuit definitely has you can't use it. Also, when I am drunk the LAST thing I want to do is faff with skincare.

However when I started using it again, I decided that I wouldn't use it every night instead I would on use it after I had done a face mask to give my skin a bit of moisture. I probably put a facemask on twice a week at the moment, and I'm using a clay mask which I am kind of obsessed with. I have mentioned before that I am really fussy with my skincare because I used to have horrific acne so I try not to use to many products on my face. I found that after I did my facial regime using Visionnaire Nuit complimented it really well. I also reduced the amount of product I use as well so my skin can absorb what it needs to. 

Let's get down to the results ay, basically this cream/gel/oil is not a miracle worker but on the other hand my skin is pretty bad with all the acne scars etc BUT it has without a doubt reduced my wrinkles I had on my forehead between my brows. I have quite a prominent frown line and it's quite deep but it has definitely been reduced, you can still see it but I don't think it looks as harsh now. Also the night after using Visionnaire Nuit my skin looks all fresh and full of life so I'm really happy with it. 

I would definitely repurchase though it is on the pricey side, so I'm trying to make this jar last as long as possible. 

What are your holy grail anti aging products? 


  1. Great post, thanks for sharing :) I really like the sound of this product. I love Nivea soft too as an every day moisturiser.

    Camille xo

    1. I don't often use Nivea, I prefer Olay products for every day moisturising but I will check out the Nivea one!xx

  2. This sounds right up my alley! I definitely need to try it.

    1. It is really lovely, makes your skin look super fresh!xx