1 January 2017

The New Year Post | Lifestyle

Gin and Tonic

Last year, on New Years Day I was sitting in my cold little apartment, by myself, writing this post thinking " Oh wow, can life get any crazier?" turns out it bloody can. When I start to think about 2016 and everything that happened I don't even know where to being 

2016 was the year I got to travel the world and I'm not being dramatic, I really did. I went to, Berlin, Paris, Dallas, LA, Porto, Maderia, New York, Santa Barbara, Atlanta, Budapest, Cinque Terre, Bologna, Pisa and London (not something new though) like how insane is that? The thing is, the majority of places I went, I actually went for work and all of these I have never been before and I loved every second! 

2016 was the year I realised how incredible my friends are. There have been 3 little girls born since I have been away who's mothers are just bloody fantastic and who I could not live without. I have others who have taken the time to come visit me, I know Florence isn't a million miles away but the fact they made that effort seriously warms my heart. My weekly calls with my best dear, I mean that girl just knows! Then there is that one friend that turned into something entirely unexpected.

2016 was the year I made yet another life changing decision and moved back to the UK . There are so many reasons for this but the end reason is I will be so much happier in England than what I was in Florence. 

2016 was the best year of my life so far.

Now that leaves us with 2017...what the bloody hell is gonna happen there? I don't even know how this year will be for me, like 2016 was so good it could mean that 2017 might be a disappointment in comparison, or will it just be another crazy wild ride? I think it will be the latter, because let's face it, it's all about perspective. 

Here's to another year...! 

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