19 March 2017

I joined a Gym | Lifestyle

Gym and Tonic

Oh yes, I have only gone and joined a gym again after having a full year away from my workouts! Some of you will know I went through quite a big transformation and dropped a lot of weight in 2015 however I moved to Italy and that's when things started to change. 

When I moved to Italy, I actually lost weight! Shock! Horror! I know, in the land of carbs how they hell did that happen? I have narrowed it down to two main reasons reasons, the first being loss of muscle mass, like I was doing weights 5 times a week, a lot of legs and butt work outs too so I got kinda flabby which I found really hard. The second reason I believe is the lack of processed food, the quality of the food in Italy is fantastic so even if I was eating pasta every day, I didn't really snack and I wasn't having processed food like I do back home. I made the conscious decision not to join a gym when I moved there purely because I didn't want my memories to just be of a gym, I wanted to experience life. 

However in the last 3 months I have gained a lot of weight in a short amount of time, it's disgusting and I'm frickin' gutted! That being said, the quick weight gain doesn't scare me too much because I don't feel like it's real, I have to work hard but it WILL come off again. This means I have joined a gym and I've joined the Xercise4less in my town and have started getting my butt into gear! This isn't gonna be easy, I know that but I know my own mental strength and I will sort myself out there is no doubt. 

I'm currently working from home which means I want to eat EVERYTHING in the cupboards so I have a meal plan written down so I know what I am having each day and my body knows what to burn etc. However, I will allow myself one cheat meal a week, whether that's going out for dinner with my geek or dinner with a pal and I have already cut back on the amount of chocolate I eat.

My aim is to go at least 4 times a week but ideally I want to go 5 times a week, this actually fits with my schedule fine so it's definitely achievable. I'm back to using my beloved kettle bell weight even if I walk like a cowboy for 2 days after and I need to start upping my cardio which I am doing in the form of the stairmaster. I love the gym, I always have and I think having a positive attitude will help you to achieve most things so I just need to keep focused. 

Are you a fan of the gym or prefer to workout at home?


  1. I joined a gym last month and it was the first time that I'd been in a year too. it's amazing how time flies when you're not exercising haha. I've found it really hard getting back into the routine of things, but it's gradually getting a little easier

    Steph -

    1. Haha!!! I know right? I tend to throw myself in at the deep end!xx

  2. I haven't been to my gym in about 6 weeks and it's hard to make myself go as i'm out of a routine. I did go for a run outside last weekend though, but one run a week isn't going to do much! I think I need to book into some classes, as I do find that gives me more motivation to attend.
    Amy at Amy & More

    1. Oh well done! I can't stand running, regardless of whether it's outside or in the gym I must admit!!xx