12 March 2017

Life back in the UK | Lifestyle


I kinda thought I would just have a bit of a chatty kind of post and more of an update I guess. I have now been back in the UK for nearly 3 months and it's gone so quickly it's actually a bit odd. I seem to have settled back into my routine really quickly in fact it's almost like I never lived in Italy at all like it was one big dream, it's a little surreal. 

The first few weeks of being at home was just around Christmas so it felt really nice to just chill and faff around and considering I didn't have a job I didn't feel too stressed because it just seemed like I was on a Christmas break or something. I think the hardest part was looking for a job, because I was back at Christmas, a lot of companies didn't come back until the new year or your email just gets lost among the chaos. I had a mild panic before i got my job, but even finding a job I was fortunately in the sense I found one quite quickly and even had a couple of options so that part of my life fell into place quick nicely actually. 

Moving back home is always nice because I'm back to being in a home where there is always someone in so I'm definitely less lonely but of course it's always hard to move back in with the parents a little because you kinda wanna do things your way but you have to remember it's actually their home so I just need to shut up sometimes - I can be just a fusspot about how things are done! 

I love being close to my pals again, just the way we can meet up whenever we want now means so much to me. I'm not the type of girl to go out every weekend with a huge group of pals, you know I have my cherry picked pals but now I can sporadically meet up with them. Also being in the same bloody country, let alone the same town as my bf is the best! We can spend a night in just watching a movie and I'm pretty damn happy in all honesty. 

I'm still thinking about the goals that I had set in place right at the start of the year but some probably aren't realistic like looking for my own apartment after 3 months of being here, there are so many factors to consider so I think staying at home and saving money for a bit longer may be more beneficial in the long run. 

There we have my little life update! How is your year going so far? 


  1. What were you doing in Italy? I lived and worked there for 6 months a couple of years ago on Lake Garda! I know the 'coming home feeling' oh so well, i've done it lots of times. Everything has changed, we've seen so much etc but a couple of weeks back in the UK and everything is back to normal and it's like we haven't been away. I guess the blog is a good way to deal with this in that you can post about your life abroad long after everyone back home has got bored listening to to us!
    Amy at Amy & More

    1. I worked for a luxury fashion retailer for a year in Florence, it was incredible! Actually you make a really good point that I can still post about my life abroad when people get bored of me banging on about Italy!xx