29 March 2017

Spring Make Up | Beauty

Spring Make Up

Now spring is here everything is starting to look so lovely and bright which kinda makes me want to switch up my make up routine a little, so I thought I would share with you my Spring Beauty tools to perfect my Spring look. 

Eye Candy Lashes

I mean, we HAVE to start with the lashes! You guys know I am all about the eyes and if you have been reading my blog recently you'll know I did a little review on the Fleur de Force 3/4 lashes which you know I was obsessed with  and they kind of made we want to wear false lashes a little more frequently. The only thing is some false lashes look very false (I mean, obvs) and I wanted something that would give more of a natural look which is where these utterly gorgeous lashes come in. 

Eye Candy* is a brand I've never really heard of before  but look how natural these lashes look, they add such a perfect amount of volume. If you are going for the more natural look don't be scared to cut them to size, after I took these photo's I actually cut them to a 3/4 size so they are more fluttery on my outer corners. 

Eye shadow
Spring definitely makes me want to switch up my eye shadow to something with a little more shimmery and this is where my favourite natural eyes palette comes in to play. There are so many beautiful shimmery tones and you don't have to put them all over the eyelid - you can add it just to the inner corners to draw the light into your eye giving you that "bright eyed and bushy tail" look. 

Brushworks Blusher Brush

When I think of Spring, I think of fresh complexions with just a flush of colour, not quite bronzed goddess yet but more of a bright and soft kind of look. This is when I like to use blusher the most, I think finding the right shade is really difficult because there are lots of pinks and redish tones but I don't think blush has to be you can get some gorgeous nude mauve blushers and even some paler lovely pink blushers that add a much more natural look. 

I also think having the right tool for blusher application is super important too, I personally always find that the standard blusher brushes are far too big for the apples of my cheeks. I was recently sent this Blushworks Blush Brush* - which might I add is vegan friendly, I have to admit I really like the shape of it and picks up just enough of the product.

And finally the last think to complete the spring look, I like to go some something that's a little nudey and natural and my choice is the Sleek MakeUp Matte Me liquid lipstick in Bittersweet. I actually haven't written a review about this one because it's a product I kinda forget about because it's a bit more red than what I am typically used to! The great thing is it isn't too drying for a matte liquid lipstick so it wears really well and is a nice contrast to the dewy, slightly shimmery make up for the rest of the look. 

I think spring is the best time to change up your make up routine and try new things, I know that a lot of people change it up for Autumn but I can't help but look the light fresh look in the spring. 

What's your favourite spring look? 

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  1. Great picks - I love the look of the eyeshadow palette! x

    1. It's just got the most perfect nude shades!!xx