1 March 2017

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush | Beauty

Ok, Max Factor Creme Puff Blush is nothing new, in fact I even wrote a little review on the Lovely Pink Blush which I am still a huge fan of! However, I was looking for a new product that would actually work as more of a powder and not just a blush. 

I was obsessed with my Hourglass Ambient Light powder in Dim Light, I got the mini size and I even bought the big version, I just adored the light it brought to my face but unfortunately I hit the pan a couple of weeks ago and I can't bear to buy it again because let's face it they are bloody expensive. This leaves a great big hourglass sized shape hole in my heart I must admit, so I had a little look in my local Superdrug to see whether there was anything similar on the highstreet. The problem is the Hourglass powder is just so beautiful and not glittery at all it makes it so easy to use as a setting powder and the high st just offers highlighters and that's kind of it. 

Just as I was leaving the store I spotted the Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Nude Mauve and thought...could this work? I gave it a quick swatch and the thing about this particular shade, is when all blended together it's not THAT different, it's certainly not to sparkly but it is a bit darker than my actual skin tone. In my pictures Nude Mauve definitely looks more pinkier than it actually is, anyway I thought it's worth giving it a go. 

The results, it's a bit of a tricky one because I have used it like I would my beloved Hourglass powder but you definitely can't use it in the same way! It does add a bit of depth to my face but because it is darker than my skin it's kind of like a bronzer, so I have to treat it as such. This being said, I do really like the product, it's not sparkly or glittery like many of the highstreet blushers/highlighters.  It's a really good purchase and I will definitely continue to use it, but I'm still on a hunt! 

What are your favourite highstreet dupes? 


  1. I love these blushes, need to dig them out for the spring! The sleek rose gold blush is a really close dupe for nars orgasm!

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter