16 April 2017

5 Things I Miss About Italy | Lifestyle


To be honest, I've had this post in my drafts for a while and whilst I do miss Italy, I definitely don't want to go back, you can miss something and not actually want it back or whatever. I guess recently I have seen a couple of TV programmes that are based in Italy or it's about Italy and I can't help but smile. Again, going to Italy was one of my best decisions of my life and since I have been back there are just a couple of things I miss so let's talk about the most obvious one...

The Weather
I mean, Florence can get bloody cold but those blue skies are one thing that is pretty much constant. They do have awful thunderstorms which seem to last for months, but once that is over it's back to that bright Tuscan sky.The days a longer, you feel like you have go more energy and want to more!  It's amazing what a bit of blue sky can do to anyone's mood. 


The Food 
Let's be honest, the Italians REALLY know their food and I kind of miss the simplicity of it all. Over here everything is heavily processed and smothered in sauce which....of course I love but my body hates it. I've frickin' put more weight on being at home than what I did when I was in Italy. I miss that chilled out afternoon snacking with a glass of good quality wine.

Aperol Spritz
When I first tried this drink I thought it was bloody disgusting, some bitter fizzy thing that looks like Lucozade but tastes like disappointment! The Italians on the other hand bloody love it and the more I gave it a go the more I kinda got it! There is something quite wonderful about sitting in the sun with an Aperol Spritz in your hand chatting with a pal! 

The Apartment 
Whilst I rather disliked my actual apartment but loved having my own space at least. Since I have moved back I always feel like I'm in people's way, which isn't actually their fault it's just a feeling I personally have. I mean, this is something that is easily fixed once I have enough money to move out. I do find myself missing just fuss-potting around my own place. 


Wisteria in the Spring 

It's something I can't quite describe but in the spring there is a purple haze over the city of Florence, where places really seem to come to life after an indifferent winter. It's actually the smell I miss the most you could be walking anywhere and all of a sudden this strong and imediately recogniseable scent decends on you, you don't even have to see it to know it's the Wisteria. I don't want to get too poetic here but when I think of it, I can't help but smile!

That's kind of it! I do miss one to two people from Italy but I'm generally speaking really happy to be back in the UK.Some times it really feels like it was a dream, that I can't quite believe I lived there for just over a year but there are a lot of home comforts I had missed. 

Have you ever been to Florence or Italy? 


  1. I haven't been to Florence before, but I have had the pleasure of visiting Torino, Rome & Milan (for work though). I can't wait to go back and really visit the whole of Italy. It's so beautiful!

    1. I must admit, I am looking forward to returning to discover MORE of Italy!!xx

  2. I truly agree!!! Ilived in Perugia, in the center and my sister in Rome for 2 years, so travelled a lot around the country :D

    Florence and Tuscany, above all, it's one of my favourites places. Chianti wine <3 <3 <3 <3

    Love to read you!!

    1. Oh that sounds incredible!! Don't even get me started on a good Chianti! Love it!!xx

  3. Italian food is the most ridiculously tempting thing. Gimme! I haven't been yet, was meant to go last year but it kept getting postponed. I NEED to visit though, it's such a gorgeous country!


    1. Incredible isn't it? Seriously dear you must visit, it's a very special place!xx