30 April 2017

Dinner at The Brackenborough Hotel, Louth | Food

The Lounge

Every so often I get the delightful task of travelling up north to work for a couple of days and I am usually based in the Lincolnshire countryside in a place called Louth. Now, there ain't much in Louth but it is a BEAUTIFUL northern town. So if you ever get a chance to do, please do! 

I was fortunate to stay in the Brackenborough Hotel and whilst I didn't actually take enough pictures of the room I thought I would just share with you my rather delicious meal in The lounge at the Brackenborough. Also, so about the pictures, the lighting was tricky! 

Bread and Butter - Brackenborough

To be honest, I didn't have started but they brought out this rather impressive bread and butter. Not only was it presented beautifully but they gave me 3 different types of butter. I have to be honest, I have actually forgotten what one was called but they other two were Honey butter and Cayenne Pepper butter and oh my god!! I'm not gonna lie, I was obsessed with the Honey butter, delicately sweet but nit sickly! Basically I was really happy, it was just the perfect little thing to have before the meal! 

Beer Batter Grimsby Haddock

Brackenborough Hotel

Moving onto the bigger piece of batter haddock I ever did see! I mean just look at that bad boy! If you go anywhere in Louth and are having fish and chips the restaurants will pride themselves on the locally sources fish from Grimsby which I think is a lovely thing. It was possibily the best fish and chips I have had in a very long time. It was a beer batter but not beer like at all, it was light and super crispy and the fish was so fresh and beautifuly cooked. The only problem was there was just too much of it, I left like a 3rd of it purely because my body couldn't in a scrap more! The chips were double cooked and as you can see, portion wise, there wasn't a huge portion but it was the perfct amount because the haddock is the real winner here. I would have liked the chips to be a fraction more crispy but other than that they were rather yummy! 

I did actually have dessert but the lighting wasn't in my favour so I can't show you what I had but I will just mention a few lines about it. I opted for the Dark Chocolate and Caramel Fondant with pistachio ice cream and beetroot puffed rice (...?) so a little random but chocolatey and gooey like just what you need after any meal. I wasn't the biggest fan of the ice cream because it had more of a perfumed flavour which I just didn't get and the puffed rice was weird but kind worked to give the dessert another dimention to the soft gooey fondant. 

Having dinner in the Brackenborough lounge was delightful, the staff were SO friendly and professional they really helped make the whole dining experience a luxurious one. 

What are your favourite hotel bars/restaurants?    


  1. What a wonderful place to have dinner. It all looks so delicious! :)

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