12 April 2017

What's in my Mulberry Bag | Fashion

Mulberry Small Lily

Though I would do a little post for all the nosy gals out there, myself included here, about what I carry in my Mulberry Small Lily Handbag. I was quite smart when I bought my Mulberry bag because I actually got it in the sale, they've stopped making this colour with the silver hardware and it is probably one of my fave luxury purchases even more so than my Gucci Dionysus, but let's not go into that right now, let's actually have a look in my bag...

What's in my bag

Coach Coin Purse

The small Lily Mulberry bag, is the second smallest of the Lily family and I was actually torn between the Small and the Medium but when I looked at the medium on someone I actually thought it looked quite big and I just didn't want that. As you can see I don't actually own a purse, I have my Lulu Guinness card holder which got years ago from my parents as a Christmas gift and I have a little Coach coin purse which I bought last year. The thing is, I actually don't like carrying purses and rarely carry cash on me which is why I find it easier to have these small leather items because I can't take out of my bag only what I need at the time. You've probably seen a lot of bloggers with the Saint Laurent card holders which retail for around £150 but my Lulu Guinness one was only about £50 and I know there are loads of other brands that do a slightly lower price but still have a luxe feel about them so do a bit of hunting. The same goes for my Coach coin purse (which I can't find online) but it was actually a key holder but I bought it in Macy's for $50 because it was in the sale. 

Onto the boring stuff, I carry my keys, which again I only have 2 key rings on, one is a Queen Bee because, I mean, I am! The other is a in joke with me and the geek. Then we have my pill, I'm pretty forgetful so always having it in my bag is handy. I have a lipstick, receipts, cinema tickets, blah blah blah!  I can also fit comfortably my phone in here as well as my his glasses case on occasion so actually it's a great size for me.  

I will admit I don't carry a lot in my bag but that is just genuinely what I am like, even in bigger bags there isn't that much more, maybe an umbrella and more receipts to be honest!

Do you prefer small or big bags? 

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