23 April 2017

31 Thoughts I have in the Gym | Health

Gym Weights

Now I have joined the gym again I thought I would do a little fun post about 31 random thoughts I have whilst I work out..

1. I need all of the weights

2. Do I have enough space?

3. When did my thighs get so big???

4. Is that ANOTHER chin I see forming?

5. Man I'm soooo unfit

6. Oh god don't face the mirror, I definitely don't need to see what I look like when I squat

7. Why are my legs **shaking** after 2 lunges? Man up! 

8. My thighs better ache tomorrow 

9. Oh shit, I've lost count? Just do an extra rep for luck

10. Only another set left...I think...

11. I like her leggings...

12. She is lifting more than me - need to up my game

13. Ooo that exercise looks good, I'm gonna try that

14. I wish I had her butt

15. Ya know, underneath the flab - I'm not THAT bad

16. I have potential!!! 

17. Oh god don't look in the mirror - you look like a sweaty potato

18. Stairmaster now

19. Why am I paying to walk on a machine when I could just walk up and down my steps at home?

20. Step, step, step

21. Must look where I am stepping otherwise I will trip...again!

22. Water! I need water!

23. Never knew the back of my hand could sweat - fab!

24. Am I panting too loudly? I can't hear myself because of my music

25. Oooo this is my jam though

26. God! How have I only done 5 minutes on this flippin' stairmaster

27. I need to vom - why is my body punishing me for trying to make it better

28. 26 flights of stairs - I don't care how it's calculated it sounds like a lot

29. Never ending flights of stairs this is a form of torture surely?

30. Finished! Woooo! 

31. Oh no my legs have turned to jelly!

Tell me one random thought you have when working out? 

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