2 April 2017

Dinner at Flat Iron Steak, Shoreditch | Food

Flat Iron Steak Menu

Today guys we have a foodie post and I have to start by saying if you like steak and are in London you HAVE to check out Flat Iron Steak restaurant. Yes, I know the picture quality is a bit naff but work with me guys, I can't help it with these dark places! The are currently 3 Flat Iron Steak in London, one in Shoreditch, one in Soho and another in Covent Garden, so all great locations with lots of things to do around it. 

The first thing to remember is that Flat Iron Steak, they don't do reservations but to be honest, if you get there and there is a 45 min wait, whack you name down and go to one of the many, MANY bars in Shoreditch and have a drink while you wait. Another thing to make you aware of is the menu, you either have a choice of steak or a special with is usually a burger...that is it for main. To be honest, it's really refreshing to go to a restaurant and not have page upon pages of food, just a small curated selection cooked perfectly.  

Flat Iron Steak

Rare Steak

Naturally I went for a steak, the burgers did look good but I mean I just had to have the steak really and boy was I glad I did. The waitress recommended that we have the steak medium rare, I went for rare just because I'm a rebel and know what I like. The steak was incredible, so tender, cooked perfectly but also it was expertly seasoned. Seasoning on a steak is a big thing at yet most places never do it. Flat Iron Steak is a different restaurant, they just do it their way, their chefs know best and you know what, I like it! I decided to have it with a rather traditional peppercorn sauce which at first I thought was a little small because I usually smother my steak in the sauce but actually I'd say it was the perfect amount for dipping each steak slice into. The steak on it's own was £10...£10 which is a fantastic price considering it's London, if you add in a drink and a side it comes or just over £20 which again I think is a great price. 

I also went for a side of beef dripping chips which...oh my god...I don't even know where to begin! They had this deliciously beefy taste but were so light and crispy, I could have eaten FAR more than I was served actually. Flat Iron Steak does do a range of different sides, but for me, you just can't go wrong with steak and chips. 

This was all washed down with a Sloe and Strawberry Bellini, I frickin' love gin so a gin based cocktail will also be a fave of mine. 

Salted Caramel Sundae

Of course I had to have dessert didn't I? Again, there aren't pages of options you get one option which was Salt Caramel Sundae served with a little dish of sea salt. To be honest, I would say it's more of a mousse than a sundae but it was honestly the best dessert to have after a hearty steak meal! The Salt Caramel Sundae, was light and whipped with strong caramel flavours which were tamed by the pinch of salt on top.

There we have my thoughts on Flat Iron Steak restaurant, what steak houses do you recommend or what is you favourite restaurant? 


  1. Oh my goodness, this all looks amazing!! x

  2. I really like Flat Iron too, it's great value and the food is so tasty. It's a shame you can't book, but as you said, so many bars locally to all their branches, so waiting isn't exactly a hardship!

    1. Agreed the price is fantastic!!! I shall definitely be heading there again!xx

  3. Oh my I'm drooling reading this, if I'm ever in London I'm definitely heading here :)

    Lauren xx - bylaurenjane

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