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Sunday, 15 January 2017

New Year Journal | Lifestyle



This was a very sweet gift given to me by my dear Vernia, and isn't it just such a cute little journal. In all honesty, I love writing and making notes of stupid little things, so whenever someone gets me a notepad or journal as a gift, they are pretty damn special in my eyes. The problem is some times I struggle to remember to write things down as I make a lot of notes on my phone. 

This journal has no dates, no months, no holidays! Just 365 pages numbered as such, I really love the simplicity of it. Another nice thing about this journal in particular is that it is the perfect handbag size, so I can actually carry it around with me in almost any of my bags. 

At first I was kind of struggling to think about what to write in it or how to use it but it just totally made sense to use it everyday by writing one good thing that had happened in the day or several good things. I must admit I am a bit anxious about 2017, simply because 2016 was so incredible, a part of me is worried that I'm maybe due some bad luck or that it won't reach the same expectations as the previous year! This being said, I am quite rational and realistic and believe that your mindset has a lot to play for in these situations. I will stay positive and just knuckle down and figure my stuff out but I think this little journal will be a great reminder of all the really nice things that can and will happen this year. 

No matter how trivial or how small every day I absolutely must add at least one thing that made me smile and let's face there will be loads. I don't want to use this little book for lists or anything boring, I just want to be able to look back and smile.  

Do you have a journal?


  1. Love the front cover!! Such a cute journal x

    Albana Janjeva | Stylist | Pick of the Month: Off-White

  2. Oh that's such a lovely journal! I REALLY want to get the 'Line A Day' one, the one that lasts about 5 years. I think that's such a lovely idea! x


    1. Oh I have heard about those ones, another lovely idea! I may look into this next year!xx

  3. Awh that's such a cute idea and a lovely little journal! Do you know where they got it from at all? I love the gold foil writing on the front. I WANT.

    Kayleigh x

    1. Actually, I'll ask my pal dear and tweet it over to you!xx


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