22 January 2017

Harrods Champagne For Two | Food

Harrods Champagne Bar

Harrods Sharing Platter

Harrods Sharing Platter

Something a bit lavish on Honeypot Blogs today guys! I just had to talk about the Sharing Platter with Champagne for two at Harrods experience which I had the absolute pleasure of sharing with my dear Vernia, in fact she won the experience and shared it with me, what an utter babe. This was my first trip into London since moving back to England and what a wonderful welcome home. 

Now, if you know me, you know I love a bit of fizz! I am perfectly happy with a bottle of prosecco, but let's face it if a glass of champagne is on offer, you know I am gonna take it! This Champagne Experience with Harrods actually includes a glass of champagne each and a sharing platter as you can see in the above pictures. I believe that the food changes depending on what's available but this was the selection we were given and I was bloody happy. Vernia booked in advance so I would definitely suggest you do that to if you were considering it because it does get very busy!

Let's get started on the food shall we, as you can see there was a great selection of different food options, but obviously no veggie alternatives on this plate but I am sure if you mentioned this before they could accommodate. We had, Foie Gras with toasted brioche which I know is a kind of risky option because of how Foie Gras is sourced but it's like a pate. Personally, I love anything pate related but Vernia isn't really a fan so I had the whole damn thing and I have to say it was divine! They definitely give you a very hearty slab of it though I found the brioche toast a little delicate so you can't spread it as harshly but I was a big fan of this one. Moving onto the Salmon Croque Monsieur, which is basically like a little cheese toastie but made with salmon as opposed to ham. It was a great option, a little more than a mouthful but just enough really. Next up we had a little Chicken Satay Skewer and I mean, what more can I say? Who doesn't love a little chicken satay skewer!! They served it with a little dish a satay sauce and it was bloody yummy, rather mild though, but the chicken was cooked really well! Then we had, which personally was my fave, a little Crab Cake ball which was served with a tartar sauce, my god that was heavenly! I could have easily eaten a whole plate of those bad boys! So much crab packed in that ball and the sauce really balanced it out, really yummy guys! And finally we had a Thai Spring Roll which had vermicelli and prawns in, I had to sit this one out, I like prawns but I don't like them cold but I got my dear's feedback. She actually said it lacked a bit of flavour which was a real shame because when you think of Thai food, you think of a playful mix of delicate spices and these was a bit bland.   

Moving onto the champagne, I mean of course it was lovely, it's usually like £14-£17 a glass so it was very light but fruity and smooth like you would expect for a good quality champagne. We decided to have another little drink after the ones in the package, which was fine because we just paid for them at the end. I went with a champagne cocktail which had Cognac and a little sugar cube soaked in like an orange bitters which really packed a punch. It's safe to say we were a little giggly after. 

The environment was super relaxed, I mean you are in the middle of the store but it's like a little moment of calm in the chaos of the elite Harrods shoppers. I think the Sharing platter for Two with Champagne is such a fun experience that is a nice gift anyone would love to recieve. 

This year I am gonna spend more of my time doing these types of experiences around London or just at least trying out new places, so this is one I can tick off my list! 

Have you had a dining experience at Harrods?


  1. This looks so lovely! This would so be something my girls and I would be in to. I´m definitely trying to get a few more experiences like this this year as well!
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

    1. Dear you should totally check it out! I loved it!xx