29 January 2017

I Quit My Job | Lifestyle


Last year in November, I walked into my office and set up a meeting with my boss and just said I cannot work here any more and quit.

In 2015, as some of you will know, was just crazy because I left my job in London for a job in Florence, in a country I never even bloody visited before, couldn't even speak the damn language but I did it and never regretted my decision for a second. I think over the year I just realised that this wasn't the best company for me but they were going to renew my contract and I just thought, I could either spend the next year unhappy or just take the leap and go somewhere else. 

It was a hard decision because I really loved my job, I was given so many fantastic opportunites but I couldn't work for the company anymore. After, I kept thinking whether I had made the right decision or not, but deep down I knew it was.The thing is, I have never been without a job since the age of 16 so it was a real shock to the system to think that I will be unemployed for a little while. 

This meant I had to change my mindset, of course I no longer had a job but I had to turn the concept of "looking for a job" into my actual job for a while. Every morning I would get up turn my laptop on and start searching, I would speak to a variety of recruiters to not only see whether there were any available but to also keep in their inbox - I didn't want to get forgotten. Being without a job gave me the opportunity to really consider my next move, do I settle for a job where I am just earning a wage or do I do something that I gives me long term opportunites? There was so many things to consider but I was fortunate that I had enough time to do this, I wasn't gonna just settle for anything, I couldn't. 

I think quitting my job is probably the second best decision I have made in terms of my career because it has made me realise what I want to do and how I can do that. 

What kind of risks have you taken in work that has ended in good results?


  1. I am about to graduate and am already so stressed out about jobs and whether I'll get one or not!! But for some reason reading this post has calmed me down a bit haha so thanks! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. Dear, you absolutely will find a job! Sty positive an know that it doesn't HAVE to be the dream job right away!! It'll be fine!xx

  2. I took six months out of work because I couldn't handle it, and whilst it was a rubbish six months it really was the best decision I could have made. My metnal health was deteriorating and I just wasn't able to cope. Now I've been in the same job for seven months and I love it, so it was definitely a good decision. Good luck with your job hunting!

    Steph -

    1. I'm so glad you found a new job that you enjoy!! We spend so much of our lives working, it has to be somewhere that at least makes us happy in some way!xx