11 January 2017

FENTYxPUMA Rhianna Creepers | Fashion


Velvet creepers, I mean just UGH!! Velvet is so in this season and I love a bit of tone on tone if it's black so when I saw a teaser for these Rhianna Fenty sneakers I was obsessed right away. 

The thing is I am so NOT a "trendy" person, I don't hunt for the latest sneakers, in fact it kind of pains me to call the sneakers because they are trainers right? But it's way more "fashionable" to call them sneakers...whatevs! What I will say about my fashion sense or taste is I buy what I like, if I find something I just buy it right away which means I can be super impulsive about my clothing/accessory choices. I'm the type of person who doesn't mind paying a little more if it's exactly what I am looking for, with in reason. I see no point in spending money on things if they are only kind of what I want you end up wasting money in the long run.  

I have been looking for a nice fashion trainer for a while now, something that was a little more than a gym trainer but I could wear with a lot of different outfits. In fact, I really love the Alexander McQueen oversized trainers but they retail for around £360, which is insane to me because they are just a trainer. As soon as I saw the Rhianna creepers though I knew I kind of needed them. What I didn't really anticipate was how bloody popular they would be, I purchased mine through LUISAVIAROMA because I saw on their Instagram that the creepers had just dropped, so I went online bought my size and it was done and dusted really. However later in the day I noticed people saying they had sold out across many online sites, so actually I was pretty lucky to get these. She released 3 colour options all tone on tone, a gorgeous Bordeaux red creeper, a cement grey and a classic black, I think for obvious reasons the red was the most popular. 

I'm not the biggest Rhianna fan, I have never bought Puma as a brand but there was just something about these velvet creepers that I really liked. The only thing that was annoying is that I bought them and had them delivered to my parents home in England so I had to wait like 2 weeks to actually get my hands on them! 

What trends are you loving right now?