8 January 2017

5 Things I want to do this year | Lifestyle


Carrying on my 5 Things series that I started last year, today I just thought I would ramble on about some things I want to do this year. Now, before anyone says it, I don't class these as "goals", I will not be disappointed if I do not do all of them. I do think it's healthy to have goals but I tend to get hung up on these things, so this is just a light hearted, it would be nice if I managed these things in let's crack on shall we. 

Visit new places...
So last year I went to 14 different cites, all new (apart from two) and I just loved it, so I want to maintain that trend of exploring new places. I think it's easy to forget how close some of these countries are so I want to continue to take advantage of this. I want to go to Poland this year and I also want a beach holiday where just for a weekend I can lay on a sandy beach in the sun and just chill. I want to go everywhere and anywhere, I even walk to explore the UK more.

My own apartment...
Moving back to the UK has meant that I have moved back in with the parents, which of course I am very grateful for but I kinda need my own space again. I'm looking forward to having a space I can faff around with and just make my own. There are a few factors I have to consider, like whether I am moving by myself or not but my personal aim is to start looking for a new place within 3 months of being back home because it means I can settle with my new job and have all those security nets sorted. 

See my friends more...

This is a big one, after being in Florence for a year I have missed so many friends and I am going to make a really big effort to make sure that I see them far more frequently. I'm unusual in the sense I don't have a large group of friends, I have cherry picked pals from several different circles so some times it can be hard to see them as I have to do it on an individual basis but I just need to be more organised this year. Plus I bloody love them so I'll find a way! 

Try new restaurants and bars in London...

So, you guys know I bloody love London, the city is like blood in my veins! Now I am back I absolutely have to spend more time actually exploring my beloved city, I have already made a pact with one of my pals that once a month (at least) we will do something different in London just to shake things up a little. I can't bloody wait! Also, this will mean more food posts will be back on my blog, I love writing them and they used to be quite well received so hopefully everyone is a winner. 

Be more active...
Last year, I was a little lazy! Whilst I did a lot of walking I wasn't that active which was a stark contrast to the year before! So this year I am either gonna join a gym or start running again! It's an absolute must! I don't want to get as obsessed with the gym as I was previously because it did impact on my personal life but I want to make sure that I have something active to do that fits in with the rest of my life ya know, something that is a little more than just going on walks! 

There are my 5 things that I want to do this year, what are yours? 


  1. What lovely goals for this year! I´m definitely trying to travel more this year. I think traveling is such a beautiful thing and all I´m really missing is a travel buddy. But until that I´m going to have to learn to travel alone.
    I wish you the best of luck with accomplishing these goals!
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

    1. Thanks dear!! I must admit travelling with someone is always good but by yourself can be just as fun! Try some small breaks away first just to get used to the idea!xx