14 August 2014

Sleek Make Up - Au Naturel Palette | Review

If you have read my earlier post this week you'll be aware that I had a minor slip up in Superdrug and ended up buying two new Sleek Make Up i-Divine palettes, so I thought I would talk about the other one today.

I was really looking for something that was a pretty standard palette that didn't cost too much, to have a bit of shimmer but a lot of other shades that I could build up or achieve that "natural matte" look. Sleek Make Up's Au Naturel palette seems to tick all the boxes. 

Top Row left to right : Nougat, Nubuck, Cappuccino, Honeycomb, Toast, Taupe
Bottom row left to right : Conker, Moss, Bark, Mineral Earth, Regal, Noir

Lovely selection of neutral shades

I really struggled to get swatches of all of the shades, my good old pasty arm and the lighting just proved to be a real pain so the only ones that really showed up were 

Left to right : Conker, Mineral Earth and Taupe

I just need to make a special mention to the size of the mirrors in these palettes, they're bloody massive which is really handy, actually, I could do a full face of make up using this mirror if I was on the go. 

The colours I have been wearing lately are Nougat for the base, Taupe over the lid and Moss to contour/define. I am seriously loving this look on my eyes at the moment, as in I have worn this everyday this week, sad but true. They're just so pretty together but subtly pretty. 

Love this palette, really happy with it. In fact I love both of the i-Divine palettes I have, both very different but both just as lovely. 

Have you tried this palette?


  1. Such a stunning palette! Love Sleek Makeup. Iv just done a blogpost on a dupe of the too faced heart blush it is amazing! and so much cheaper!!

  2. When I return to the UK I may purchase this pallet as I like all the shades and the large mirror in it. How much was it? What was the application and pigment like?


    1. The mirror is perfect, I can do a full face of make up in it. They're £7.99 which i think is a really good price. Application is a dream, this stuff picks up really well on my brushes and blends out really nice. Thank you for your comment. xx