29 October 2014

Products I have been loving | Beauty

For today's post I thought I would share with you a list of products I've found myself reaching for more and more lately. Of course love new product and trying new things out but sometimes you just find yourself reaching for the same things all the time.

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation

To be fair I have been using the Rimmel Wake me Up Foundation for several months now, but this time I got the wrong shade so it was a fraction darker than what I wanted but actually I have found this works really well. The shade I currently have is Ivory (which it's definitely not) but the foundation has little bits of shimmer in it and I find with the lighter shade the shimmer really comes through however in Ivory its much less noticeable. I do mix it with my Maxfactor foundation to create a better shade for me but I actually really love this product. 

It smells really lovely and lasts well, I think this is a really good base and tends to cover most blemishes and evens out my complexion nicely.

Rimmel Scandaleyes

Now this is another Rimmel product, I'm definitely a fan of the brand! But this Scanaleyes product in Rich Russet is just SO easy to use. I do love a bit of shimmer and eye make up but in the mornings if I'm rushing about a bit this is my go to product. I literally take two swipes on each eye lid, blend with a brush and its done. You can layer it up a little and play with it more, but just for my everyday look, this is the one.  

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NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix serum 

NIP+FAB are fast becoming my favourite skincare brand I must admit. As you will know from previous reviews I think the Glycolic Fix pads are bloody flippin' amazing and do exactly what they say on the tub which is why I thought I would try out the Glycolic Fix Serum. 

This is an over night serum, which I must admit I'm struggling to remember to use every night, but when I do, I notice a difference literally the next morning. This contains a higher percentage of Glycolic Acid than the pads, it has 4%. It also claims to have visible results after 2 weeks if used every night. So I'm definitely going to get myself into a proper routine and will report back with a full review because I feel like this product will definitely deserve it's own post. 

Essie - Fiji

I literally cannot get enough of this nail polish. I mean it just goes with everything and always makes my nails look really nice, even when they are short.I have used other colours recently but I always end up going back to this one, it's just so pretty. They also almost look like gel nails when first done which is always a massive bonus. I know we are heading into the winter months but I refuse to give up this pretty shade for something darker...well not yet at least.

There we have it, just a couple of things I'm absolutely loving right now. 

What brand/products are you loving at the moment?


  1. I love the rimmel wake me up foundation.

    1. It's just so lovely isn't it? Thanks for reading!xx

  2. the wake me up foundation is my all time favourite foundation, it really makes me look more awake and it matches my skintone perfectly! x

    1. It's just such as fab product isn't it? Thanks for reading!xx

  3. Replies
    1. Oh yes, so far I'm happy!!! Great brand! Thanks for reading!xx