4 December 2014

Alexander McQueen | Fashion

I am such a massive fan of Alexander McQueen, ever since I was a little girl his fashion pieces always stood out to me. There was always such a dark edge to his collections and of course, his iconic skull scarfs, you know it's McQueen. Alexander McQueen has always been know for his somewhat controversial collections and the legendary runway shows. 

Farfetch recently sent me over a illustration that they had put together just to share with bloggers and I know what you're thinking I'm hardly a fashion blogger but Alexander McQueen is a brand I just adore and wanted to share with you a run down that Farfetch has put together of his most memorable shows. 

I understand that it's a little hard to read the words, but I have added the downloadable version here where you can zoom in and read information behind each iconic show. 

The illustration starts from AW 1995 up until AW 2010 after his death, the shows are just amazing, gorgeously dark but just as stunning. I love all of the collections but I think Alexander McQueen's AW collections are just divine more so than the SS collections. 

My favourite show is easily the It's Only a Game, I mean a chessboard with models as game pieces, how utterly fantastic. The designs were just gorgeous and the show had the most beautiful element of drama in it with every move that was made.

Who is your favourite fashion designer and why?

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