16 December 2014

December Birchbox | Beauty

Oh I have heard amazing things about this box and when I heard it was a colab with Sophie Webster I couldn't wait when I received the email to "it's on it's way". However 10 days later I was starting to get a little concerned because it hadn't arrived, I sent an email to the support team at Birchbox and can I just say how amazing their customer service is. 

Anyway when it did arrive practically squealed, oh it's a beauty. 

Loving the bejeweled festive theme

So let's start with the goregous little pouch

I absolutely love the design of this Sophie Webster pouch, really like the mint green colour. It's pretty handy for me because I have a very slim bag at the moment and I can't actually fit my purse in it so I'm carrying my change and cards just in random pockets in the bag so this is definitely going to get some use.

One tiny thing I do have to mention is that the pouch stinks, I mean really badly, I don't know whether it's moth balls or just the ink they have used to put the print on but it's pretty bad, hopefully it'll air out.

I always love to see a Models Own nail polish in my Birchbox, they are always full sized. I really like the velvet touch in the lid, definitely makes this nail polish stand out. It's part of a matte (velvet) range and I received the colour Amethyst  which I really love. 

I quickly tried it on one nail and it's really nice, it's very glittery in the bottle but when it dries it's matt so I thought that the sparkles wouldn't show up but I find they do, they're just not as in your face as you standard sparkly nails. It kinda reminds me of the Liquid Sands range by OPI only more sparkly and less bumpy.

I think I'm going to paint my nails this colour for my christmas party on Thursday.  

Who doesn't love a bit of Benefit? I've received my fair share of  benefit samples from Birchbox this year and each time I'm happy apart from when I recieved the They're Real Mascara (I don't understand the hype) so I was really hoping this little cracker would have something different in it and to my surprise it did. It has a lovely little sample of Benefit's High Beam. 

I currently use a powder highlighter from Sleek in their face form palette, so I'm quite excited to try out a highlighter in liquid form. I did a quick swatch and it blends nicely and I think the sample will last a little while because you don't actually need to use a lot. Looking forward to properly using High Beam.

This is the Eslor Firming Collagen day cream, although my little Birchbox leaflet says I can use it day and night. I'll be honest, I've never heard of this brand, but I kinda love the packaging and the colour of the pot. 

I always am happy to see a face cream and this one definitely looks thick and creamy, plus I suppose as I'm getting older a firming cream would actually be quite useful. When I opened the pot I found that the scent really reminded me of my Nan. She probably doesn't use this cream but I just mean there is something about it that reminds me of old ladies, not in a bad way just in a specific scent kinda way. Do you get what I mean? I think if I was to use this during the day the scent would grate on my a little bit but other than that I'm quite happy to try it out, it's a great sample size. 

This Trilogy Organic Rosehip oil is such a cute little sample size at 2.5mls, but to be honest with most oils you don't actually need a massive amount to make the product work. It doesn't really have a scent  that I could notice and I like the little pipette in the lid because it means you can use a more accurate amount of this oil. It's to be used on any dry patches you may have, I don't really get dry skin on my face so I'm not entirely sure of where I will just this little sample, but I do get quite dry legs in the winter so I might just some of it there.  

When I saw this Eyeko Fat Eye Stick I must admit I wasn't really that thrilled. I've never really been a fan of these types of eye products, I like to be precise with my eye make up and find that these types of pencils don't do the job. 

However I'm going to have to give myself a slap on the wrist for judging before I've even tried it,. I did a couple of swatches and found that this product is incredibly blend-able, it smudges really nicely so actually this should work well as an easy smokey eye. I recieved the eye stick in the shade Smoke, it has a very small amount of shimmer in it too so actually I am looking forward to trying this one out properly. 

This is probably the one I am least excited about, Electric Hair shampoo. I mean, it's always hard to tell how good a hair product is when you only receive one half, such as shampoo OR conditioner and not both. But on the plus side this is for dry hair to help nourish it, I will definitely use this shampoo but my hopes are particularly high. However it does smell really nice so that's a bonus. 

What is your favourite item in this months Birchbox?

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