2 December 2014

OPI Coca Cola Red | Review

If you have seen my post last week you will know that I recieved an OPI nail polish in Coca Cola Red in my November Birchbox. 

I absolutely love the colour, it is very red, but I don't think its quite pillar box red, it has orange undertones. I was so excited when I saw this in my box because I've heard OPI is an incredibly good brand and I've only ever worn it with fake nails.

I actually wore this to a wedding recently because I was wearing a black lace dress and I thought this would add a splash of colour. Like with most nail polishes it takes about two thin coats to look good which is fine. 

I have got to be honest now and say that I am pretty disappointed with the way this product lasts.I know that this is a very good brand and have just the most amazing colours, but this chipped really quickly. I always paint my nails at night before when I go to bed because I won't be touching anything that could chip or ruin my nails, so the next morning I though it would be fine. 

As I started my day I noticed a small chip and they literally got worse as the day went on. I wasn't doing anything that would have caused them to chip, I was driving and then got changed and then was just walking around the wedding venue, nothing strenuous. But there were chips on nearly every single nail. My nails aren't the strongest so after a day or two, naturally the nail polish starts to chip which of course is fine, but I just expected the OPI nail polish to last at least one day. 

I've noticed recently red polishes don't last as long as others. I've bought Essie in Bordeaux, a gorgeously deep red/merlot kinda colour and that chipped incredibly quick. However my other Essie polishes such as Fiji, Go Ginza, Mint Candy Apple, etc all last days longer. I also have Barry M Meadow from the Silk range and that lasts fine. Rather odd huh?

I still love OPI polishes and I am going to wear this Coca Cola Red shade again, maybe for a night out as opposed to an all day event. 

What you favourite shade of OPI?

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