11 December 2014

Favourite Christmas Baubles | Lifestyle

I'm going to try and make sure all of my posts from now until Christmas are Christmas related.So today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite baubles on my tree. The pictures are a little smaller than what we are used to but this is because I used my phone unfortunately. 

Let's start with...

A lovely little star. This is wooden and is covered in glitter of course. We always get our baubles from Van Hage which is a garden centre near to where I live. It's not that they do anything particularly different or special but it's just so beautiful walking around there at Christmas you can't help but have a look at all the different baubles. I love the fact the colour code all the baubles.

Ah, a little robin red breast. Love this one because whenever I see a robin it always makes me think of Christmas, its that traditional scene where you see one so colourful sitting in a pile of snow. So cute.

Another star, I know are we sensing a theme? But what I really like about this one is that the colour is a blue/silver colour so not your normal gold, red, green or sliver. It's like a pale blue and it's completely covered in glitter, you know I love a bit of sparkle. 

And you must have something with a reindeer on, I really like this one because it's quite traditional with the colours and shape. 

What are your favourite baubles?

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