14 December 2014

Christmas Jumper | Fashion

So Christmas Jumper day was on Friday 12th December this year and I actually took part this year. Never really worn a "chritsmas jumper" before not even a slightly festive one. The company I work for made a pretty big deal out of it this year so I must admit I was on a bit of a hunt for the right jumper. 

I didn't want something that was going to be fashionably festive I wanted something in your face Christmassy and I knew the best place to find one was Primark. They literally have the biggest range of jumper even ones with flashing lights however I couldn't find one in my size. I like em big and baggy.  

So check out my oh so festive Christmas in your face jumper...

It's cute isn't it?

You know I got so many compliments on it and everyone couldn't believe it was actually from Primark. The thing is the quality is actually really impressive, personally i don't like primark that much because their stuff just doesn't last, however  this jumper is so thick and cosy I think i'll last a long while. It really good quality, I'm very impressed. 

The bells became a little annoying as the day went on, most people just laughed at me because they could hear be coming before i arrived. It was like a little kitten following me around all day, but it adds a bit of festive cheer so it's not too bad.

Have you got a Christmas jumper?

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