1 January 2015

What I learned in 2014 | Lifestyle

Oh where to begin? I don't want this post to be too heavy but more just a series of thoughts that I want to share with you. I'd rather reflect on the year as a whole before setting my goals for next year. 

This year has gone so incredibly quick, it's amazing to think about everything that has happened in a relatively short space of time. 

What I am coming to realise is that sometimes you just have to keep your head down and continue to run up that metaphorical hill. Sometimes it's going to be a massive struggle but if it means anything to you at all, you'll do it. When you feel like you aren't being noticed, you'd be surprised at the amount of people who recognise your efforts and reward you for it. 

Life doesn't always pan out the way you expected it to and sometimes people aren't who they say they are, but everyone is just trying to get by in life the only way they know how. Be patient with people, everyone has their own demons that manifest in ways you wouldn't think possible.

Sometimes your past comes back when you think it's dead and buried but what it does make you realise is how far you've come, all the little decisions you have made that has impacted on your life. There will always be room for improvement and you should continue to keep striving for more, because what is life without ambition?

You can't always control things in life, so just focus on the things you can, such as being active, your career, your friendship groups, your hobbies, your passions. Everything else will fall into place if you just leave it and if it doesn't, don't dwell on it and don't let it drag you down, keep focused on the bigger picture.

In 2014 I have laughed too much, cried too much, drank too much, loved too much, thought too much, sang too much, written too much. But I would rather have regrets for doing too much of everything than not doing enough.  

Happy New Year guys!


  1. beauts post!!! hope you have an amazing 2015!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks Hannah!!! Have an amazing 2015 my love!!!!xxx

  2. Ahhh, I love you blog so much! Happy New Year, hope you have a good year :) x

    1. Thank you so much!! Hope you have an amazing year!x