20 January 2015

Sleek Make Up CC Cream | Beauty

Recently I have been looking for a foundation or a cream that would be light but give me good coverage. Sometimes I just don't want to use my everyday heavier foundations, so when I was taking a wander down the make up isle in Boots I thought I would check out Sleek Make up and found their CC Cream. 

I like Sleek Make Up, I have a lot of their eye shadow palettes and of course, the Face Form contouring palette but I didn't realise they do a liquid foundation range. I was tempted by their actual foundation, the packaging was gorgeous but I found the lightest shade was too dark for me, then I spotted their CC Cream.

I'll be honest with you I don't really know what the differences are between, CC Creams and BB Creams and which one is better than the other however all I know is I like the look of this product. I used one of the testers on the back of my hand, I always go for the lightest shade they have which so happened to be called "fair" and I was pretty impressed. 

This CC Cream blends incredibly well and gives a light amount of coverage, it almost has a blurring effect on my pores as well, which I'm not sure whether it's supposed to but it looks nice. I have quite badly scarred acne skin and my heavier foundations do well to cover the majority of the scars but I will say this does not cover them. To be honest though I wasn't expecting the CC Cream to do so. I literally just wanted this foundation to give me a little bit of coverage for when I'm not going anywhere important or popping to the shops. It seems to even everything out as well, it really does do the job I was hoping it would. 

Have tried this CC Cream?


  1. I think CC creams are a little bit thicker than a BB, closer to a foundation than a BB cream. I tend to like them too, they are much easier to blend and great when your in a hurry. I love the Bourjois one and also the Seventeen. I might have to pick this one up too!

    Kay, x

    1. Ah that makes sense! Ooo i may try out the Bourjois one as well! Thanks for reading my love!xx

  2. I have heard so many good things about CC creams as they tend to be thicker than BB creams. Sleek does some really amazing products, I have currently been loving the Sleek Eyebrow Stylist x

    1. I must admit, I have found myself reaching for this nearly every weekend. It's really lovely and it looks very natural! I'm a massive fan of the Face Form palette too! Thanks for reading!x