6 January 2015

Lush Haul | Beauty

So I'm back! I know I have been somewhat quiet and not posted for a little while, this is for two main reasons. The first was because I have been so incredibly ill that the thought of trying to construct sentences was just too much. The second was because, well it's Christmas, I don't believe that many people would read my posts. 

I also found myself trying to keep up with the "festive" theme by writing my December posts with a Christmas twist and I'll be honest with you, they frickin' sucked! So I'm back onto my beauty and fun lifestyle posts

Let's start with a wonderful Lush Haul, let's face it most girls probably got Lush items for Christmas and I'm not complaining at all, my parents got me a lovely selection of stuff. 

What a lovely bright collection! 

Let's dive straight in an take a closer look at each one, starting with...

The Comforter Bubble Bar

Oh.My.God! I know why everyone loves this one now, I see posts where blogger/vloggers always bang on about the Comforter Bubble Bar and never quite understood why. This bubble bar smells amazing, literally so yummy, I actually want to eat it. It smells like sweets, berry, chewy, sweets. I haven't tried this one out yet but I have tried the other bubble bar and I'm super impressed with both the scent and the bubbles. I also love that you don't use the whole thing, you just break 1/3 or 1/4 off and you get so many bubbles. 

Fizzbanger Bath Bomb

I haven't tried Fizzbanger before and to be honest I haven't seen many reviews of it so my mind is wonderfully open. What I do like about this bath bomb is that it smells very zesty and citrusy. Personally I love those kind of scents more than floral ones to bathe in because it just wakes me up a little and refreshes me. Not sure what kinds of wonderful colours this one will have once it starts fizzing but can't wait to find out. 

The Baked Alaska Soap

I'm a lover of shower gels and body washes to use as opposed to bars of soap, the bars are always massive and you can never use a full one and they just stay there getting wet and ugly then you just throw them away. So at first I wasn't that thrilled because it is a massive chunk, but what I did realise is that I could just cut bits off to use it. Genius right? This is another zesty fragrant one so you know I'm happy!  I really love the colours of it and can't wait to actually try this bad boy out. 

Brightside Bubble Bar

As you can see, I just had to use the Brightside Bubble Bar, so there is a little bit missing. This smells like oranges, are you sensing a theme? It is so yummy again, I just want to eat it, but I won't! I have never tried a bubble bar before and wondered whether they actually do give a good amount of bubbles. If i'm having a bubbly bath then I like there to be a copious amount of bubbles and this did not disappoint and the smell was still just as strong in the water. 

I broke some off then as the water was still running I just crumbled the bar in my hand under the water and watched the bubbles fill the tub. Love Love Love it!

So White Bath Bomb

And finally we have the So White bath bomb, now this scent is probably the more subtle of them all, it's quite a soft apple scented one. I can't really put my finger on what exactly it does smell like but it's still just as beautiful. It's very simplistic to look at, a little ball of white but I have seen that once it is in the bath it fizzes to reveal a pink centre which is cute. 

So there we have it, my Lush goodies. 

Have you tried out any of the above? What is your favourite lush bath item?


  1. I looove the comforter bubble bar! It smells amazing!

    xx angela | the sunday chapter

    1. It just smells so edible!!! Thanks for commenting!xx

  2. I love LUSH and have a huge collection of it at the minute but have never tried any of these!! :') xx

    1. Haha!! Neither have I actually, so I'm rather excited to try these out! Thanks for reading my love!xx

  3. LOVE so white bath bomb, and baked alaska! what a shame they're limited edition! i'm going to hoard my slab of baked alaska until i absolutely have to use it.

    brooke | brooke elise beauty